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Apr 17 / Ken Smith

Dear Fellow Veteran – 7

The transition you are embarking on is a tough one. Leaving the military community and coming to an institution poses many cultural, emotional, and cognitive issues. I left Fort Lewis after my second tour with a lot of baggage I didn’t know I had into a strange environment with different people, situations, and expectations both of myself and of them. I tell you this after many freak outs, frustrations, and anger. This is achievable! I was fortunate enough to find the Student Veterans Organization, the Student Veterans Resource Center as well as like-minded and hard-working kids in my classes that also felt overwhelmed and unprepared. Together we cleared our way to the top of our classes and made our combined vision of success a reality. Half of college is finding the right cohorts to help you on your journey. The other half is setting a goal and fighting sleepless nights behind a keyboard and hours spent reading and rereading books and notes for what you want.

Your goal, no matter how big is achievable if you have support and putting the time to make itself.

A Fellow Veteran