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I’m Mike Ward. I’m a Lead Systems Integrator in C&IT at Wayne State University, mostly working with mobile development.

As well as being an employee, I’m also an alumnus, having gone to WSU from 2004-2008, and have a B.Sc. in Computer Science. My main areas of experience and interest are mostly related to web development and web-related things in general, along with free and open source software. I’m primarily a Linux user, and I try to be active with WSULUG when it’s around and time permits.

Aside from programming and computing, I’m also an amateur radio operator, and a former officer in the Motor City Radio Club. I’m still working on getting on HF, and time permitting, would like to get back to trying to work some satellites (you didn’t think ham radio was just old guys with vacuum-tube radios, did you?).

I like cryptography, and my PGP fingerprint is C603 0B65 3254 ED01 E0E3 F0F0 C591 E79B 5678 8041. Please feel free to use it.

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  1. van lincoln / Aug 26 2011

    My mother was a professor of music at WSU, I was an 19 year old
    student instructor in the Education/Instructional Technology Department. Also a amateur radio op, wa8sqg, and remember a long wire antenna from the engineering building to the west, was about 600 feet long. I also remember their nice SX-115 Hallicrafters Receiver.
    This was in 1967. Then I was drafted into the military, where I became an air traffic controller, which was my career for 42.5 years.
    Present call WD8AAM. look me up on QRZ for more details.
    Van Lincoln, now in Minnesota, and retired, and 67 years old.

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