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Sep 12 / Mike Ward

WSULUG at Student Org Day

For those who aren’t already aware, the Wayne State University Linux Users Group (henceforth referred to as WSULUG because the full name is quite a long one) has been ramping up a bit lately, with activity on the mailing list and ideas being kicked around for meetings, presentations, and so on.

We’ll also be at Student Organizations Day, September 14, on Gullen Mall. Feel free to come stop by between 11am and 2pm  and meet some of us, find out what we’re doing, get a Linux installer (we’re planning on having some Ubuntu installers burned to CDs there), and so on. The people in our group run the range of new Linux users to enthusiastic system administrators, so don’t be intimidated if you’re just curious to learn more, or haven’t even ever seen Linux before.  A LUG is one of the best ways to get started.


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