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Apr 11 / Mike Ward

Gas Prices

I graduated from Wayne State in 2008, and started working at a job remotely. Very shortly after I graduated and suddenly had little driving to do anymore, gas prices fell from their then-record high of around $3.5-4/gallon (IIRC) back to more normal levels. “It figures”, I thought.

Go forward to today. I came back to WSU as an employee in January 2011. A couple months later, gas prices approach record levels in Michigan again, now that I’m back to having a daily commute.

The conclusion is obvious. The more driving I have to do, the more expensive gas gets. It’s all my fault. I’m sorry, everyone.


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  1. Nick West / Apr 12 2011

    So now that you’ve come to this realization, will you please look into closer residence so I don’t have to pay nearly $4 a gallon again? ;)

    • Mike Ward / Apr 12 2011

      Maybe, if you move all my furniture for me.

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