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Aug 20 / Monica Brockmeyer

Welcome to the WSU Student Success Blog!

Welcome to the Student Success Blog!  Since 2011, the Undergraduate Student Success Initiative (USSI) has been promoting student learning and success, with the expectation that we will build on our previous progress to improve our retention and graduation rates.   However, Student Success means so much more than retention rates, GPAs and graduation rates.

At Wayne State University our mission is to create and advance knowledge.   Therefore, the first element of student success is STUDENT LEARNING.  As an institution of excellence and opportunity, our goal must be that students learn a great deal while they are here with us.   Secondly, we know that colleges and universities — particularly urban research universities like Wayne State — are uniquely positioned to engage with the most pressing questions and provide the knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary for the 21st century.  As a result, the second element of success is LEARNING THAT MATTERS — matters for the students, for our communities, our workforces, and the world.   Finally, the advantages that accrue to degree completion are well documented, and so the third element is LEARNING THAT LEADS TO A TIMELY DEGREE.

students under tree

There’s no silver bullet leading to these results.  Instead, the evidence shows that student success is the result of multiple re-enforcing investments in our students, faculty, other members of the WSU community, and campus.

The USSI commits to improvements in six major areas:

  • Curriculum, particularly General Education
  • Undergraduate Academic Advising
  • Undergraduate Teaching and Learning
  • College Readiness
  • First-year experiences and High Impact Practices
  • Financial Support and Financial Literacy

In addition to these six areas, the Office of Student Success in the Provost’s office is partnering with schools, colleges, departments, and many other units across campus on a variety of initiatives and programs to support student success.  In this blog, I’ll be highlighting activities that are under way that promote learning and success across the campus and updating you on the implementation of the USSI.  I’ll introduce you to faculty leaders who are bringing best practices to the classrooms and challenging our students to greatness.  I’ll share data about our progress.  But more than that, I’ll be looking forward to hearing from the whole campus community about the issues, challenges, and opportunities we face and what each of us can do to promote and support student learning, success, and retention.

I look forward to our communication in the coming months.    Please share your comments, thoughts, ideas and questions in the comments area below.

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