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Dec 12 / Matthew Lockwood

WSU Experts Explain Right-to-Work

Michigan becoming the nation’s 24th right-to-work state has generated a lot of questions and controversy, and Wayne State University experts have played a big role in clarifying things.

When word spread that lawmakers were likely to approve the legislation, the WSU public relations team of Tom Reynolds, Jessica Archer and Rasheda Williams quickly put together a tip sheet of experts that would be available to comment on it.

Those experts, Marick Masters, professor of business and political science; Mike Smith, an archivist at the Walter P. Reuther Library and labor historian, Stephen Spurr, professor of economics; and Robert Sedler, professor of law, spent a good part of Monday night and all day Tuesday fielding questions from journalists around the country.

As a result, WSU experts were interviewed by CBS Radio, Bloomberg Radio, The Christian Science Monitor, Reuters, Wisconsin Public Radio, the Dayton Daily News and several Michigan outlets. Visit to check out the stories.

All of the WSU experts went out of their way to accommodate reporters and as a result they helped to educate the public and enhanced Wayne State’s reputation around the country.

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