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Dec 10 / Marta Puskarz

Project 4: Blog Book Process

The blog book is a culmination of everything that has happened this semester, everything I’ve learned, everything I’ve done, and everything I’ve experienced in Typography 1. To begin this process, I went through my blog and compiled posts/images to get an idea of how to organize my book. The next step was to do the text analysis study. Here I played with different fonts, sizes, leading etc. to get a better idea of how to design my book.


Since wordpress wouldn’t let me load any more images (I think I’ve reached my limit!) here is a PDF of the rest of my process work. After the text analysis, we made dummy books to try to organize our pages and figure out layout. I drew a 5 x 5 grid on mine to help me organize my layout in terms of the grid. The last pictures are of my digitized book, I also printed that out before the final to edit and see how things looked in print, because often times it can look much different on the computer!