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Nov 18 / Marta Puskarz

Process Part 2: Fictional Letterform

After experimenting with cutting, cropping, and combining letterforms, we chose the best options to digitize. I looked for the letterforms which would be exhibit the modern typeface family characteristics. I also chose the letterforms which would best fit with the rest of the letters, having proper proportions and not standing out. Here are some of my digitized letterforms:


As you can see, we printed out the digitized forms and further examined their acceptability into the modern typeface. I ended up focusing on a letter that combined “u”, “r”, and “a”. Then I made several versions of this letterform. I had to work out where the letter would sit in terms of baseline, x-height, ascender, descender etc. I also had to look at how different parts of the letterform came together and resolve any problems I had (like how the terminal of the “r” would attach to the spine, and whether or not I should have serifs everywhere). Here were my options:


After examining and analyzing my options, this was my final letterform:

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 2.35.37 PM