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Oct 21 / Marta Puskarz

Type Crimes

Type Crimes

1)   Horizontal or vertical scaling

2)   Font doesn’t work on a small scale

3)   Not enough size difference

4)   Pseudo italics

5)   Pseudo small caps

6)   Stacking lowercase and uppercase letters which makes lines look uneven (space between lines) (unadjusted leading)

7)   Too close in weight even though mixing in the same type family

8)   Multiple family mixes

9)   Quotation marks that carve out chunks of white space from the edge of the text

10) Hanging quotation marks

11) Using foot marks instead of quotations

12) Tightly tracked text

13) Loosely spaced lowercase letters

14) Auto spacing, which creates uneven effect (improper leading)

15) Poorly shaped text block

16) Holes in justified text block

17) Ragged right edge (wedge)

18) Ragged left edge (wedge)

19) Punctuation eats the edge

20) Lowercase stacked

21) Small caps stacked

22) Too many signals- bold, italic, underlined, exclamation point etc.

23) Stroke on letters

24) Widows

25) Stacking the same word or the same punctuation on top of each other

DSC_057223- Stroke on letters

DSC_057317- Ragged Right Edge

DSC_057614- Improper Leading

DSC_05771- Stretching of Text

DSC_057816- Holes in Justified Text Block

DSC_057911- Footmarks instead of quotations

DSC_05809 and 25- Stacking Punctuation, Quotation Marks

DSC_058224- Widow


17- Ragged Right Edge


4- Pseudo Italics