It’s Madge!

Hello readers! My name is Madelynn and I am a fourth year here at Wayne State! My friends call me Madge. I wish I could give you an explanation as to why my nickname is the way it is but I really do not have anything cool or interesting to offer in that department. anyway, I thought I would give you a little bit of an introduction of who I am.  I am a 21 year old female from Flint, MI who has a passion for musical theatre. Yes, I am the one who will burst out into showtunes at any given time and at any given moment.  I do not care.  I sing because it makes me happy. I act because I feel that it is what I am meant to do. I dance because I like to move my body and express myself without using words.  I do what I do because I know I am meant to spread happiness to others in the world, even if it is just for two hours.  I have a very outgoing personality and I take great pride in making others happy.  If you want to talk Disney, I AM YOUR GIRL. I am currently going through an obsession of drinking La Croix at any given moment and I am someone who is always listening to music.  Mango is my favorite in case you were wondering. I am probably one of the busiest people you will ever meet. I never sit down, like ever. I am a full time student who works two jobs and who also has rehearsal 6 days a week alongside being a cast member of The Motor City Cabaret, The Stage Manager as well for the group and a Recruitment Assistant for the Theatre Department.  Busy is pretty much my middle name and I love every single second of it. I am also a Dean’s Delegate this year and I am so excited to be apart of this amazing team! Check me out on the Hilberry Graduate stage in As You Like It starting in the end of October at the Hilberry Theatre! Alright,  I guess that is enough for now!

“You can change the world if you change your mind.” – Kinky Boots