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Oct 13 / Lisa Boyd

Here we go!

This will be a fund place to write down all of my thoughts, experiences, and what not with my journey through MLIS program at WSU. I have wanted to keep a blog up for a while, but now I do see the need for collecting my thoughts and experiences in a virtual readable format for my future self!

I am currently in my second semester in the program and have been finding myself questioning a lot of the things that I thought I already knew. One of these things is my path post graduation. As I learn more and more about librarianship, I find myself wanting to learn every aspect of library and information science as it is so fascinating and ever evolving. I was going to start the program in the health and scientific data management area due to my undergraduate work in health services administration, but I found myself more inclined toward the user experience specialization after taking a couple of the prerequisite courses.

Now that I am in these courses I am also being drawn toward the library services branch as I am finding a lot of employment opportunities in this area during my weekly research of the available jobs and position names that would be opened to me with the accomplishment of the MLIS from WSU. I am constantly and pleasantly surprised each time I add a new title to my mental list of possibilities. This is actually where I started thinking that it would be great to start a blog to have these searches and realizations documented to use them later in my educational and professional career.

I would even go as far to say that perhaps someone in the future could look to these blog entries to get ideas or inspiration for their own searches and development. I was sparked by a love of research to apply for the MLIS program, and it is one of the best decisions that I have ever made!

I will do my best to keep this updated periodically as I find things that interest me and when I have made discoveries that are worth mentioning and documenting (at least to me!)