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Mar 8 / Isabella Warmbrunn

My personal brand

Having a strong personal brand indicates that you are able to network efficiently and are well-versed in important issues within your field. These are things I have made a lot of headway on in the past year. I used to worry about if I could talk to professionals in my field or how they would perceive me. However, after attending multiple networking events and making connections I realized being myself is the only thing I should worry about. Many professionals know that I don’t have the same level of expertise as they do, but I am willing and able to learn. These are qualities I have been constantly praised for after conversing with physicians, or doctorates.


The two things that have really helped me, is creating a LinkedIn. With my research lab starting to work on publications I will be likely interacting with a significantly more healthcare professionals and having a LinkedIn allows me to connect with my PI so those looking at my profile know who I am affiliated with and what the research I work on deals with.  Secondly, I have been working on this blog for the past few weeks which really allows me to connect more with my peers which is important. Being able to work with my peers in all forms of environment is vital in medical school and residency.


What are some things you work on to improve your personal brand?


Lastly, here are some of this week’s top materials: