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Feb 28 / Isabella Warmbrunn

Jobs for the Busy College Student


Today I wanted to talk about jobs you have while in college!

  • Work at the UGL or other on campus buildings as a secretary 
    • This is a great job for students who enjoy a quiet, stable job with good hours. If you are lucky, you can even study and do homework when you get some down time!
  • Work at on campus dining halls
    • A great way to get food for free at your local dining halls and earn some money.
  • Work at a local restaurant
    • Another way to get some free food after work, and you can also earn more money through tips.
  • Work in retail Downtown
    • Downtown has been bustling with more and more stores opening. Big names like Nike and Lululemon. You can even score employee discounts after working for a certain time.
  • A Call Center 


Some material that was top this week for us at WSU:

So far, the top 10 most viewed materials that were uploaded this week are:

  1. Class Notes – Art History
  2. Study Guide – Computer Science and Engineering
  3. Class Notes – Biology
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  5. Class Notes – Italian
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  7. Class Notes – Music
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The top 3 most popular materials from last week are:

  1. Class Notes – Art History
  2. Class Notes – Italian
  3. Class Notes – English, Communications

And currently, the most popular Wayne State University courses on StudySoup are:

We are making a big push to add more content across the Computer Science and EngineeringMusic History, and Biology departments. Please refer anyone in the following list of classes to apply to the elite notetaker program.