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Mar 22 / Isabella Warmbrunn

A Review of StudySoup’s Top 10 Most Innovative Apps for College Students

StudySoup List:

So apps are important for everyone, but especially for college students. Being constantly “plugged in” to the Internet for classes, work and entertainment makes it hard sometimes to find a good balance. I am going to discuss some of the best picks on this list and add some likely overlooked apps!

  1. A pick like Self Control  is perfect for the incoming first year students who are not used to the vast amounts of free time and little restriction.
  2. Sleep Cycle is an app I have personally been using for the past 2-3 years and I love it! It allows me to track my REM cycle, moods prior to sleep and assembles beautiful graphics which compare your average sleep sessions to the average in your country and other countries!

Sadly, those are the only two great picks from StudySoup. However, all is not lost as I have some great apps I use on the daily and am happy to spread the word!

  • Momentum, Google Chrome App, FREE
    • A beautifully designed app for your Chrome browser for when you open a new tab. Features a welcome message with your name and a to-do list, and other additional features
  • OneNote, Microsoft Office Suite, FREE
    • For Windows users this may already be pre-installed with your system. For us Mac users it isn’t. It can be found in the App store on OS systems and features intricate note taking features, separate organizers, stylus syncing and many more cool features. I love using this on my iPad when editing or reviewing mechanisms in Orgo or setting up a to-do list for my week.
  • GoodNotes 4, App Store, $7.99
    • I hate spending money on apps, but this is worth the $8 or the equivalent of two Starbucks drinks. You are able to use this on iPhone or (ideally) iPads, it allows for editing PDFs and taking handwritten notes. It even syncs note between devices with Cloud technology, so cool! This is really helpful for days when I don’t feel like printing out all my lecture slides, or just want to have an easy access on-the-go way to review my notes.

Let me know if you find these apps helpful!




So far, the top 7 most viewed materials that were uploaded this week are:

  1. Study Guide – OTHER
  2. Class Notes – Economics
  3. Class Notes – Chemistry
  4. Class Notes – Art History
  5. Class Notes – Music
  6. Class Notes – Music History
  7. Class Notes – OTHER

The top 0 most popular materials from last week are:

And currently, the most popular Wayne State University courses on StudySoup are:

We are making a big push to add more content across the OTHERMusic, and Music History departments. Please refer anyone in the following list of classes to apply to the elite notetaker program.


Mar 16 / Isabella Warmbrunn

Don’t fall prey to scams

Hey all,

As college students we are eager to prevent loans, and save a few bucks and respond to emails that see inticing. However, this can be detrimental as there are lots of scams that you can fall prey to.


  1.  Do not respond to an email regarding a lucrative job posting if the email isn’t affiliated with your University or any professional you know. Check the email address before responding and if you do not recognize it, the job is probably too good to be true.
  2. Be wary of phishing attempts. If any email asks for your school account information remember that CIT department officials do not ask for that information via email.
  3. Be wary of credit card scammers. Many random emails may enter your mailbox with attempts to get you “quick cash” or sign up for a credit card via a shady website. If you are in the process of looking for a credit card contact a local bank and discuss in person with financial personnel.




So far, the top 10 most viewed materials that were uploaded this week are:

  1. Study Guide – Art History
  2. Class Notes – Music History
  3. Class Notes – Art History
  4. Class Notes – Art History
  5. Class Notes – Computer Science and Engineering
  6. Class Notes – OTHER
  7. Class Notes – Art History
  8. Class Notes – Music
  9. Class Notes – Art History
  10. Class Notes – Art

The top 1 most popular materials from last week are:

  1. Study Guide – Art History

And currently, the most popular Wayne State University courses on StudySoup are:

We are making a big push to add more content across the Art HistoryComputer Science and Engineering, and OTHER departments. Please refer anyone in the following list of classes to apply to the elite notetaker program.


Mar 8 / Isabella Warmbrunn

My personal brand

Having a strong personal brand indicates that you are able to network efficiently and are well-versed in important issues within your field. These are things I have made a lot of headway on in the past year. I used to worry about if I could talk to professionals in my field or how they would perceive me. However, after attending multiple networking events and making connections I realized being myself is the only thing I should worry about. Many professionals know that I don’t have the same level of expertise as they do, but I am willing and able to learn. These are qualities I have been constantly praised for after conversing with physicians, or doctorates.


The two things that have really helped me, is creating a LinkedIn. With my research lab starting to work on publications I will be likely interacting with a significantly more healthcare professionals and having a LinkedIn allows me to connect with my PI so those looking at my profile know who I am affiliated with and what the research I work on deals with.  Secondly, I have been working on this blog for the past few weeks which really allows me to connect more with my peers which is important. Being able to work with my peers in all forms of environment is vital in medical school and residency.


What are some things you work on to improve your personal brand?


Lastly, here are some of this week’s top materials:


Feb 28 / Isabella Warmbrunn

Jobs for the Busy College Student


Today I wanted to talk about jobs you have while in college!

  • Work at the UGL or other on campus buildings as a secretary 
    • This is a great job for students who enjoy a quiet, stable job with good hours. If you are lucky, you can even study and do homework when you get some down time!
  • Work at on campus dining halls
    • A great way to get food for free at your local dining halls and earn some money.
  • Work at a local restaurant
    • Another way to get some free food after work, and you can also earn more money through tips.
  • Work in retail Downtown
    • Downtown has been bustling with more and more stores opening. Big names like Nike and Lululemon. You can even score employee discounts after working for a certain time.
  • A Call Center 


Some material that was top this week for us at WSU:

So far, the top 10 most viewed materials that were uploaded this week are:

  1. Class Notes – Art History
  2. Study Guide – Computer Science and Engineering
  3. Class Notes – Biology
  4. Class Notes – Biology
  5. Class Notes – Italian
  6. Class Notes – English, Communications
  7. Class Notes – Music
  8. Study Guide – Political Science
  9. Class Notes – Music History
  10. Class Notes – Music History

The top 3 most popular materials from last week are:

  1. Class Notes – Art History
  2. Class Notes – Italian
  3. Class Notes – English, Communications

And currently, the most popular Wayne State University courses on StudySoup are:

We are making a big push to add more content across the Computer Science and EngineeringMusic History, and Biology departments. Please refer anyone in the following list of classes to apply to the elite notetaker program.

Feb 23 / Isabella Warmbrunn

Student Discounts

As a 3rd year student I am always on the lookout for ways to save a few bucks. So, I wanted to compile a list of some great places in Detroit that are also near campus, as well as some big name companies that offer discounts!


  1. Apple
    • Starting with the biggest name on most campuses, you can save on Apple products such as the ever popular MacBook Pro, and iPad to make taking notes in class a breeze.
      • As a personal MacBook Pro owner, I really love the utility of my laptop. I can use it for editing notes to playing video games. It is also extremely light in comparison to other brands.
  2. Avalon International Breads
    • Who doesn’t love a fresh loaf of bread from well-known local baker? If you have no idea that Detroit has an amazing bakery, YOU MUST COME HERE!! They have everything from breakfast sandwiches, pizzas and the obvious bread and other baked goods. To make the deal even sweeter Wayne State Students get 15% off on their order on Wednesdays.
  3. La Pita Fresh
    • Have a late day where you are stuck on campus? If you love Mediterranean grill this is perfect. They have their famous pitas along with other classics and a liquid health bar for healthy, fresh smoothies. WSU students also get 10% off after 4PM by showing their OneCard.
  4. StudySoup
    • Many of you know of StudySoup a website that is a platform  where class notes are compiled into one major database for students to search and download as to prepare for their exams. However, they also have blog posts with information for all students, this one features more ways to save as a college student!
  5. Socra Tea
    • The best to destress from a hectic week of work, classes and extracurriculars is to drink some tea. Not only is this something recommended by many physicians (see here) but it really allows you to relax and reflect on yourself. Luckily for WSU students, this local Detroit store has 10% off all bulk tea or brewed tea with One Card. Meaning more tea for you to stock up on and a great price!

If you find any more discounts comment below and let me know!


Also, if any engineers need resources to help with classes here is a link with more sites to help out!





Feb 19 / Isabella Warmbrunn

Hello world!

Welcome to Wayne State University Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Feb 19 / Isabella Warmbrunn

Who am I?


Guten Tag!

My name is Isabella and I am currently a 3rd year student at Wayne State University located in Detroit, Michigan. I am a psychology major with a focus in pre-medicine and I plan to have a gap year before applying to medical school. I have always wanted to become a doctor ever since I can remember. Helping people through applying science in a direct, hands-on fashion has been the drive behind my passion. However, after being in undergrad for 3 years, I need a break from school and time to reflect and refocus.

Being a WSU Warrior means so much to me as this school has matured me in ways I didn’t even think possible. The most important lesson I’ve learned from these 3 years is that it is okay to not be okay 100% of the time. Emotions are normal and aren’t always positive; being able to navigate through them is all a part of being young. Living in Detroit has made me much more aware of issues many people face day-to-day that I constantly overlook. It has also granted me unique academic challenges such as research opportunities and volunteering opportunities to impact local youth.

Being someone of am German and African American my experiences growing up are quite unique due to having such a diverse background. I think this has been what gives me a different perspective on the world and allows me to be so understanding of others. A fun fact about me is I have a twin sister who is identical to me and also attends Wayne as an English major. We are almost always mistaken by our classmates on campus, which can lead to some awkward conversations. It usually ends up with a few laughs and a new friend!