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Mar 29 / Robin Johnson

What to Do if a Company Asks for Your Facebook Password in a Interview

Imagine you’ve been on the job market for about six months. You are paying your mortgage on your credit cards at this point. Your unemployment benefits are about to run out and your job prospects remain dismal, no matter what you seem to do.

Finally, you land a killer opportunity, pass the phone screen and show up to an interview with a hiring manager. Just as you think you’re about to close the deal, she spins her computer screen around and asks you to login to your Facebook account.

What do you do?  To find out, click here.

Mar 13 / Krystal Gardner

The Shingle Life: Three Questions to Answer Before Starting a Law Firm

If you’re considering hanging a shingle, you owe it to yourself to ponder these three questions.

Be sure to also attend the Career Services program, So You Plan To Hang a Shingle? A Primer on Flying Solo on Tuesday, March 20, 12:15-1:00 in the Law School Barris Lounge. A panel of solo practitioners will share their expertise and advise for launching a successful law practice.

Mar 8 / Krystal Gardner

The Job Hunter’s Guide to Social Media

If you’re actively seeking a new job, there is little doubt you’ve incorporated the use of social media into your search.

For years now, we’ve had the big three: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Now, Google has entered the market with Google+. Which social media site is the best for helping you find a new job? Click here for the full story.

Feb 29 / Robin Johnson

“Friend” Your Career Services Team!

The Career Services Office has an official Group Page on Facebook. Be sure to add us as a Group so you’re in the know about events and opportunities that will advance your career and professional development. Check us out at​/216911134995951?ap=1

Jan 27 / lawcareerservices

Writing Your Hamburger Cover Letter

Sound strange?  Click here for the delicious details.

Jan 20 / lawcareerservices

5 Easy Ways to Build Your Network in 2012

Whether your New Years’ Resolution is to find a job, or improve the one that you have, it make sense to build your network. In all of my years as a career counselor, this has been the most dreaded task.

Here are a few easy ways to get started (no cold calling, or attending huge functions where you don’t know anyone, required.)  Click here to read more.

Jan 9 / lawcareerservices

Ten Pieces of Advice From a Seasoned In-House Lawyer

If you’re interested in a career as in-house counsel, read this article for tips and insights from a successful in-house attorney.

Jan 9 / lawcareerservices

Five Ways to Ace Your Next Interview

During World War II, General Douglas MacArthur needed to find a new personal aide. The General’s direct reports sifted through dozens of candidates and invited the top five to interview in person.

 One of the finalists, a Lieutenant, entered MacArthur’s office, introduced himself, and the two men sat down. The General asked, “Did you have any difficulty getting here?” “No, sir.” After a brief pause, the Lieutenant asked MacArthur, “General, what do you think the United States needs to do to win the war here in the Pacific Theater?” For an uninterrupted hour, the General held forth on all the things the Army needed to accomplish in order to be victorious. From time to time, the Lieutenant would say, “Could you elaborate?” or, “Interesting thought…”

The Lieutenant was hired on the spot. A few moments later, MacArthur gathered his direct reports and said, “That has to be one of the sharpest, most intelligent young officers I’ve ever met.”

This story illustrates five secrets to help you ace any interview. Click here for the five sure-fire ways to wow your interviewer.

This article was written by Steve Hughes of Hit Your Stride.

Nov 18 / lawcareerservices

National Survey of the Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms

The National Association of Women Lawyers and The NAWL Foundation recently reported the results of the sixth annual National Survey on the Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms. The NAWL Survey is the only national study that annually tracks the professional progress of women in the nation’s 200 largest law firms by providing a comparative view of the careers and compensation of men and women lawyers at all levels of private practice, as well as analyzing data about the factors that influence career progression.
This study presents a sobering picture of the prospects for women in “Big Law.” Not only do women represent a decreasing percentage of lawyers in big firms, they have a far greater chance of occupying positions — such as staff attorneys and fixed-income equity partners — with diminished opportunity for advancement or participating in firm leadership.
The NAWL Foundations expresses hope that the survey results will help develop a better understanding of what firms can do in order to positively affect the long-term advancement of their women lawyers.
To read the study, click here.
Oct 21 / lawcareerservices

Conquering Interview Anxiety

If you’ve ever walked into an interview with sweaty palms and a racing heart, you’re in good company. Job interviews are nerve-wrecking for most people. Of course, you don’t want a bad case of nerves to undermine your performance.

Check out this LawLadders article for ten tips to help quell your interview anxiety. Using these practical strategies, you can learn to manage stress before, during and after the interview.