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Nov 11 / Lashunti Williams

Reading Strategies

The discourse community I chose is church. In my eyes, church is a great subject to write about because It’s something I’ve known since I was a child. Although, I am not a part of a particular church I still do attend when I can, and I still have great memory of what goes on in a church. Reading and reviewing John Swales definition of a discourse community Church fulfills the first definition that Swale set for a discourse community in everyday; which is an overall goal that every person in a community has. In a church you will find that their are many roles that people have, and although these people have different roles they are all trying to get their top goal accomplished. First, I am a member of a Baptist church and our number one goal is to build a strong relationship with God. Many people in the church have lived the same lives, but have different views on life, and despite how different we all are we still come together and unite when we are in church or whenever our father is talked upon. I have been to many churches in my years and I have noticed that they all are the same, but different too. Some churches such as mine is tacit; we do not carry or have a specific place where we have our goal of the church there for everyone to see it is something that is known, but not spoken. Where in other churches they are explicit with there goal and it is available for anyone to see.

Oct 28 / Lashunti Williams

10/28 Project two reflection

The difference between the two assignments (project two essay and editorial) is that I had a lot more information writing the editorial than I had when I wrote the essay. As I recently began looking over the essay after It was already submitted and graded I started to capture all of my mistakes and I noticed that many of the examples I gave piggy backed each other and began to sound a bit repetitive. Although, at the time I looked over and reread my essay many times without finding any error, but because I have more knowledge about the articles and a little bit more background information about the text it became easier to write the editorial. Also, I do not believe that I did not know that much about what I writing and many of the names and roles of the participants of my essay was poorly misunderstood. In my opinion, the editorial was most interesting and I actually enjoyed looking up researching key facts about the DIA and the bankruptcy and gained a better understanding. Lastly, the biggest difference in my writing process from the two texts was simply the extra research that I did about the articles and finding out key things about the articles to support what I was saying in the editorial.

Oct 26 / Lashunti Williams

Sell The Art or Go Broke?

Sell The Art or Go Broke?
by: La’Shunti Williams| October 26, 2013

The city of Detroit has gotten themselves in a sticky situation. They are broke. As of July 18th the city decided to announce that they were filing chapter 9 bankruptcy. This is by far the most talked about bankruptcy that any city in the whole U.S has witness.

Detroit is now facing one of the most difficult decisions deciding what is next to do to help support the city and its money deficits. With no money being generated into Detroit’s economy jobs are at sack. In fact, at least 30 percent of jobs and incomes are vulnerable to be cut.This results in the cities emergency manager Keyvn Orr to step in and take the lead and distinct the problem. Orr has a lot of to decide, and most of all how the city will quickly come up with 18.5 billion dollar to settle the debt, and before the November 13th deadline.

U.S bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes will take the next 3 weeks to closely inspect and analyze whether or not the city will possibly come up with enough financial evidence to prove that the city is solvent and will be able to pay off the debt in due time. This is an awaiting process that will work well for the city because this will determine if the city will get the opportunity to postpone their deadline into the Spring of 2014.

With the days flying by and no time to spare Michigan’s attorney targets that the art in the Detroit Institute of Arts (also known as the DIA) is in jeopardy of being sold to fulfill the cities debt. After Orr and his team proposed that the only possible remedy to the over leveraged debt is to sell the art and once people got wind of that they began to protest and nearly 200 people participated. To sum up Orr response he stated that if or if they decided that they are going to sell the paintings a possible solution is going to have to made soon.

Bankruptcy is becoming real systematic because this is not the first bankruptcy the city has faced.First, it was General Motors, one of Detroit biggest money makers. In the year 2008 GM filed bankrupt and yet still it stands and doing well. I do not believe that the city will down spiral no more than they already have. Once the city of Detroit get all the corrupted people that are money hungry and doing everything. but what needs to be done for the city I believe it is a strong possibility that the city will do well.

With all that is going on with the city of Detroit there are a lot of unanswered questions. Nobody knows if the paintings in the DIA are going to be sold,or if the city will be able to provide the 18.5 billion dollars they owe. Over the years this city has experienced a lot of downfalls and money lately is the major issue. In my opinion, Orr and his team will take on the battle and keep going in the process of gathering all of the information they have to prove that the are solvent enough to postpone the deadline until 2014. As long as everyone contribute and work their position and represent it well the city evolve.


Oct 2 / Lashunti Williams

rhetorical situation

The rhetorical situation of the editorial has a number of interesting aspects. First, with the scene. This editorial was apart of The Detroit News and was probably in a office at a computer desk downtown Detroit. Secondly, the purpose of this article is to get the director and emergency manager of the DIA in Detroit to sell their artwork to settle the bankruptcy claim’s in Detroit. Many people believe if the lease the artwork or sell it they can possibly get a bigger profit then what it is actually worth. Next, the courts. Kevyn Orr and the DIA are all participants in this situation and trying to negotiona

Sep 30 / Lashunti Williams

Project 1 Debrief

To begin with, at the start of my freshman year in college and being in English 1020 I though I had everything all figured out. Because I took English 1010, I had already had an idea about what would most likely take place in English 1020. Although, I was successful in English 1010, English 1020 was slightly different. At the start of the class we began to read the Wayne Writer and listen to lectures on Echo system and took quizzes on what we had learned, but that was a struggle for me because I did not do so well on any of the quizzes that we took. I felt down, like I wanted to give up, but I know I could not. Than, our instructor introduced project one and I felt a little bit better because instead of taking quizzes we had an actual writing assignment and I believed that this would give me a chance to prove to myself and to the instructor that I am capable of being successful in this class. In my opinion, project on was a success for me because I believe that I followed the criteria the best way I could and I did very well. I do not believe project one was a struggle because of all the time we spent in class going over the different article and the assistance from our instructor really helped me. Although, I did not do to much participating in class I did comprehend what was going on and I think it showed in my work. Completing project one was a great feeling because I was anxious to know my grade; I put so much time into doing from creating a rough draft with no information how about how to do it, to finding articles comparing them to each other to understand the format and sharing my ideas with other students brainstorming and completing it and submitting it and I believe it was all worth it and an overall success.

Sep 13 / Lashunti Williams

Worksheet – HW

Worksheet One

1. What are the URL for the three reviews you analyzed?

2. Make a list of the different grammatical subjects used throughout the examples based on your list, describe the content of the genre. The content of the genre based upon my three examples I reviewed is to persuade and evaluate.

3. What seems to be the purpose of the reviews you gathered? Is there a pattern in what the writers are trying to accomplish? I believe that the purpose of the reviews are to evaluate the movies and inform the readers on what they can expect from a professional perspective. Yes, there are many similarities in the patterns that the authors accomplished such as description and evaluation.

4. How are the reviews organized from paragraph to paragraph? How are they organized within individual paragraphs? Is there a pattern? As I went over the three different reviews I noticed that all the reviews had the same kind of format, and each paragraph have the same amount of space in between them and each paragraph does not have no definite alignment. Last but not least the titles are all left aligned.

5. How does writers of reviews use the language to accomplish their goals? Are reviews funny? Serious? Mean? What are the similarities and differences across the examples? The authors of these reviews use appropriate and formal language. There was a bit of a mix up across the three examples one seem to be mean and serious about the others was funny and exciting.

6. Based on your analysis, how flexible is the movie review genre? Is this kind of writing with lots of rules or do writers seem to have a lot of flexibility? What seem to be the rules for writing movie reviews for the New York Times? In my opinion writing a movie review for the New York Times has many rules such as formal writing and the format that each author used in their review. Each review that I found had bold titles.

7. What other things did you notice that is not included in the questions listed above?Each author did not use too much of their own thoughts about the movie just rather or not the movie followed a criteria depending on what the function or genre of the movie.

8. Based on your analysis, make a list of at least four specific changes you’re planning to make in your draft for the final version. Based on my analysis some things I would change about my movie review would be to remember the format and writing pattern that they used. Also, I will remember not to put my perspective in so much. .

Sep 11 / Lashunti Williams

Criteria for Movie Reviews

As I began to read the article by A. O. Scott on the review of the movie Frankenweenie by Tim Burton; I found that the Scotts’ criteria of the movie was to seek thrill. In the eyes of Scott he expects the movie to accurately connect to current technology to access the movie and how Burton and his team builds a relationship with his audience by showing the realness between this movie and other found-footage.