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Getting on Track…

Two down …two to go. Yes, the semester is almost over. Personally, this year has been the hardest one yet. Trying to balance my full time job, heavy studio class loads, managing a student org and looking for a job after graduation has really taken a toll.   Everyone says that Senior year is the worst yet best year and every year I hear about how not to get caught up in the after because you have to get there first.  After hearing that advice, I somehow managed to fall victim and got stuck pursuing the after.  

 You hear all the great things about school but rarely do you hear about the stories of students needing help. Needing help managing time or with the workload is something no one wants to admit or talk about for that matter.  But it’s a real problem and real students have that problem.  I’m a president of my student org and a delegate and I will admit to having that problem balancing school and work.

It doesn’t make me less of a person and it won’t make you less of one either. I’m writing this to help others before it’s too late for them. I’m here to tell you that Wayne State understands that we need a little guidance and they have programs for people who needs a little help getting back on track.

One of the ways of getting back on track is going to see your advisor. I know it seems cliché but going to see them do help.  They help you see your end game and work with you to better plan next semesters or offering advice.  Another person you should talk to is a success coach.  To be honest, I have no idea if all colleges have one but CFPCA does.  Ali, our success coach, is there to help us get back on track.  It’s nice to have someone to help us get a plan to be back on the right track.  Attached is a pdf that helps students get back on track.

Remember it is perfectly okay to need help. However, it is not okay to need help and don’t say anything.



28 Feb 2017

Fashion Show Launch


Do you have any plans this Friday? If not stop by the Student Center around 5pm for a chance to see some amazing designs and have some cake as we launch our Spring Fashion Show. The event is free and you can win VIP tickets just by showing up. This night will be filled with raffles, giving you a chance to win all sorts of prizes including VIP tickets and t-shirts!

Busy Friday but still want to join or participate for the show? The Fashion Design Program is actively looking for volunteers, designers and models for the Spring Show. The Fashion Design & Merchandising Organization Spring Fashion Show is April 29th. The club have hosted a show for the last 10 years. It’s only been recently titled Expressions for three years. Expressions showcase both alumni and current students work.
You don’t have to major in Fashion to help out. You can usher or collect tickets. We also need people to help set up the VIP bags and photograph the event. If interested, please email
We can’t wait to meet you!
Stay tuned for more Fashion at Wayne!



29 Nov 2016

Do You Like Fashion…Like We Do?

Do you like fashion…Like we do?


If your question is yes, then this a great week to be at Wayne.  This week we have the Fashion Design Merchandising Organization (FDMO) first meeting on Wednesday at 4:00pm and on Friday an Alumni from the Fashion Department named Isaiah Hemmingway giving a Lecture.

FDMO is an outlet for people who love fashion. They are responsible for putting together a fashion show at the end of the year. This means marketing, public relations, designing, model correspondent and every aspect of the behind the scenes work in producing a show.  The show is a big grand event with 200 plus people in attendance. The meeting will be held in Old Main room 2134.  We would love to see some new faces join and remember you don’t have to major in Fashion to be a member…you just have to love it.

Most of you guys are probably wondering who Isaiah Hemmingway is. Well he is a menswear designer in New York City.  Hemmingway graduated in the class of ’03 and already he was running a clothing line with a cliental. His goal is to make sure that his customers look their best and he understands the value of good tailoring techniques.  The lecture is this Friday at 1pm. It will be held at Tech Town the Proving Grounds Conference Room. It’s located at 440 Burroughs St. Detroit, MI 48202. Free parking is available and guess what the event is free!

Like I said it’s a hot week and inspiration is trendy. Come check out the events if you’re interested. I’ll be there but whatever you decide to do design like a Warrior!

Until next time. Down below is a flyer for the event on Friday!




12 Sep 2016

Fashion Show Volunteers Needed!

Do you like fashion… like we do?

Fashion Show Poster

Are you looking for a way to get involved with the fashion world at Wayne? The Fashion Design and Merchandising Organization is looking for volunteers to help out in our fashion show Saturday, April 16th. The fashion show will feature 10 designers’ collections. We are looking for backstage help, ticket attendees and people to help set up. We also need ushers for VIP seating. Everyone can stay for the show!

If you know anyone that is interested in performing for intermission which would be thirty minutes long we are looking for that as well.

For all inquiries or for more information on how to get involve email All majors welcome. This is to experience what a fashion show production feels like.



6 Mar 2016

Why Wayne?

I was going to wait until the weekend. I was going to talk about the first week of classes and how it was getting back into routine and providing tips to get your mind back in the game. However, I received an email from a parent of a high school student expressing interest in Wayne State’s fashion program. It was so out the blue. I just came from having a conversation on the progress of the upcoming show and how defeated I was that people aren’t that involved or invested. I was contemplating the future of this group that I am desperately trying to revive. So to get that email expressing interest really made me stop and think.

The email is as followed but for privacy I omitted the names:

“Dear Fashion Design & Merchandising Organization,

I have a daughter in eighth grade, who is very interested in fashion and design. As we start planning for high school and college, I was wondering what you think about the Wayne State University fashion design and marketing program? Do you have any advice for her? You know about any programs in this area for teens interested in fashion design?

Thank you for your help,

Signed a curious parent.”

“p.s.-If there is anything she can do to help you guys out with your fashion show on April 16, I’m sure she would be very excited to volunteer.”

Here was my reply:

Thank you for expressing an interest in not only this year’s upcoming show but in Wayne State’s fashion department. I think personally that the fashion design and merchandising department has a lot of potential. We have great teachers that know so much about the industry based off of first hand experience that they use to enrich our lives and show us how to master our crafts. Something that is really great about the department is that we have small classes, which is a pain for registration but a treat when you’re actually in class because you obtain real one on one time with the professor and they know all of the upperclassmen by name. Being a transfer and coming from an art school that was really rare. These professors takes the time and build connections with us while critiquing us to better ourselves.

Another great thing about Wayne State is that they force us as students to understand both sides of the fashion industry by making designers take a merchandising class or a merchandising taking a garment construction class so we can learn how to see things through the other’s eyes. We even get to learn how to make our own fabrics! I’ve personally met some amazing people who I plan to collaborate with for future projects after my time here is over. Wayne, just like many colleges has their not so loveable qualities but I’m happy with being a warrior. It’s a great foundation to have right here in your own backyard and I don’t regret transferring.

But at the end of day, it’s truly about what your daughter put into it and that’s for anywhere. If she thrives hard and make the most out of all of the resources that her future college has then she will love it…(there’s more but you guys get the gif).

This parent has no idea how hopeful and excited I am about the future of fashion in Detroit. To know that it isn’t a phase and that this club won’t end after all the seniors leave in December. This has really made my day!

14 Jan 2016

Did You See The Wiz???????????

I promised myself I had to post this before it became another saved document lost in my never ending piles of homework. How many of you guys seen the Wiz tonight on NBC? Did you guys like it? I personally have mixed reviews about it. Today in my History of Costume class my Professor Dr. Johnson mentioned it. As if I already wasn’t going to watch it but her remarks made me look at it in a different light. True to what she said those costumes were spectacular. I know my fellow dance and theatre friends were too geeked to see the craftsmanship and the skill level to pull off the performance.

The production put their own spin on the Wiz. Some were good but others I felt were  a little rushed. The designer in me kind of missed the Sweat Shop and seeing all those yards fabric they had like in the old Diana Ross film. However, the way they updated the tin man’s outfit making it look like a denim jacket made out of tin was really cool. Ne-yo killed that role.

Looking at it as a designer, I sometimes got lost in the details. The way the lines and pieces of their garments fell I felt like I was in a candy store. They were so inspiring to look at. I wish I could study them up close. I applaud the people who made them. During the parts that seemed to drag, the garments kept me highly entertained and invested in the show.

Now I walked in on the show five minutes in and the entire time until the end I was highly disappointed at the lack of the beloved dog. I felt like half of both movies Dorothy was running around chasing him. I’m sitting here like “okay…where is Toto?” I know having a dog during all that, especially live was bound to have bloopers but man I missed the little guy!

Down below is the picture from the new one and on the right was the one with Dina Ross. Bravo with the 2015 version staying true to the movie and the times!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you missed it either watch it on hulu or wait for the DVD. Although I’m pretty sure they’ll show an encore performance on NBC!

2015-1022-NBCUXD-The-Wiz-Key-Art-Image-1920x1080-UG the-wiz-1024

3 Dec 2015

Checking In….First Month Down

I can’t believe we’re almost half way through the second month of school. Does anybody else feel incredibly exhausted? Not like exhaust is a bad thing mind you. I was too excited realizing how much the Motor city has stepped their fashion game up to sleep. Suddenly, there are so many fashion events just popping up and it’s amazing. One was the LGBTQ Wedding Expo at the Holiday Inn that a fellow classmate of mine participated in. She has a Bridal line that she’s launching and her designs are fresh and defiantly not your mother designs, which is the name of her line. The other event was a meet and greet because the famous Designer Tracy Reese is going to be selling her designs at a store in Midtown. How cool is that? Not to mention Fashion Speak is literally days away. In our industry it’s all about who you know.

Which brings us to one of the best things about Wayne;  the connections. As we are getting into this busy season, midterms steadily approaching, take the time to check out some of the events. Rather they are on campus or not, trust me you’ll be glad you did. If you don’t know how to learn more about industry events in your field, join a student organization. For instance, if you like fashion join the Fashion Design Merchandising Organization. They meet Mondays at 5pm or Thursdays at 2pm  in Old Main. The meetings are held in room 2134. It’s just one of the many organizations that Wayne has to offer.

I leave you with four tips from experience:

  1. Study
  2. Connect
  3. Get involved!!!
  4. YOLO! (You only live once)

 Below are images from the expo!!!!!!


Designs by Kari Lewis!


Designs By Kari Lewis!


Designer Kari Lewis promoting her designs!

Designer Kari Lewis promoting her designs!



13 Oct 2015

Hello world!

Welcome to Wayne State University Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

2 Sep 2015

First day of school? Are you ready?

School starts tomorrow…where did the summer go? I know getting back in routine can be hard but think about it like honing your skills. What could be better? It didn’t matter if you spent the entire time traveling or not drawing a single thing. Relaxation every once and a while is good for the brain. I’m not saying the fun is over; it’s just fun of a different kind. For the students returning, you guys know exactly what I mean. The networking and second pair of eyes to help you improve is something you look forward to. You’re eager to show your growth and dive head first.

If you’re a freshman, don’t feel overwhelmed. You’ll get the hang of campus and meet people who are interested in the same thing you are. The long lasting friendships that build because our (fashion) department is so tiny you will literally know everyone or someone who does. If I had to offer words of wisdom. The most important thing is to build a thick skin. Everyone you encounter won’t like your work or your method. Don’t take it personal. Take it as a learning experience. Stay true to who you are. You should be building a brand from day one. Find your style and strengthen it. No one can take your passion from you but you have to strive to keep your voice….it is the only one that matters.

If you’re a transfer, like I was the most refreshing thing is that not a lot of people have hidden agendas here. Before Wayne I went to an art school and the fashion department was big but the amount of true friends where you didn’t have to worry about stealing your ideas or internship was few. I can count on one hand the number of design students I still talk to in Chicago. It’s sort of different here. Sure you have the snobs that think they’re better than everyone but everyone, including them are nothing but helpful. It may be weird at first being the freshman all over again but calm down…it’ll pass.

So everyone calm down! School starting is not the end of the world. It’s just a chapter that we have to get through to get to the good part. So let’s make the most of it!




1 Sep 2015