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Aug 23 / Kristyl Jaramillo

Beating Mediocrity

As I continue to crochet my way  through my self-imposed Cold Sheep Challenge, I began to notice something rather alarming: My blankets were rather boring!

Most of the charity blankets I’ve either started or finishing up from Warm Up Detroit pieces have been some variation of granny squares with rather “normal” color schemes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it should be fitting that with this challenge I should also be going out of my comfort zone and expanding my abilities by trying out new stitch patterns. Along with that, the colors in my limited stash shouldn’t be designated to “warm”, “cool”, or “neutral” colored projects.

Long story short I felt a need to inject some fun into the cold sheep challenge by trying new things. As a result, a couple of my previous project plans have changed in order to get some variety in the blankets:


This blanket is named so as its color scheme resembles one of the playground areas at my elementary school. Originally this was just going to be a brown and blue blanket, but I decided to get brighter and bolder colors involved, with color changes happening inside instead of at the end of rounds. I’d definitely say that the end product is  more vibrant than initially planned!


Along with trying out variety in color, I also played with the absence of it. I’m not a fan of using a ton of white yarn on a project, but I ended up using up a bunch on this square as I had no clue what other color to add to it. The outer white rounds end up giving the colored center a lot more attention, and I’m rather liking how this one is turning out!


Varigated, non-self-striping yarn is one of my least favorite types of colorways to work with, but when I found this stitch pattern by KT and the Squid I knew it would look amazing framed with the forest green yarn I had in my stash! I was initially going to use Moogly’s Moroccan Tile pattern with these two colorways, but I’m rather glad I changed my mind. Although the pattern uses variations on single crochet, the rows are working up fast.


Aside from my Catan Blankets I haven’t done a whole lot of motif-based projects, so I decided to make a blanket entirely from the African Flower motif. I made 12 African Flowers from the scraps of my Daisy Dork Shorts, and then after calculating how many I’d have to make in a complementary color in order to get as close as I could get to a rectangular blanket, I found out I’d have to make 28 more! Whoops. Still going through with it, although attaching all 40 motifs, adding a nice border and weaving in all of those ends isn’t one of the most appealing thoughts!

Other Fun Things


Currently writing up a new pattern(s???) that would be great for back to school!