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Aug 11 / Kristyl Jaramillo

Running on Empty (or something like it)

Not motivated enough to finish drafts, but motivated enough for writing updates. I honestly didn’t feel like posting another “update”-esque post to the main blog as it gives the appearance that not only am I slacking off with work on the blog, but in my MCAT studies, and that’s definitely not the case!

I ‘m currently working on a draft of a current update to my Cold Sheep plans, but I haven’t had the motivation to finish it. I just kind of feel empty inside. There’s the urge to write something legitimately nice and have well-articulated musings on my self-imposed challenge, but nothing I find up to par comes out. Maybe one day, with that day being before Festifall arrives…

On a side note, there’s the rather uncomfortable feeling of the slight possibility that someone on the Skype MCAT study group I joined a month ago is searching me up online and might be watching this blog. (…Hi Gek?) If you are for some bizarre reason, hello I suppose. Don’t mind me here, this place is bound to be rather boring (and full of published rough drafts). ┬áBut, I suppose if you’re into more of my actual writing (and none of that ridiculously silly stuff I write on the side) you’re fine to pop in once in a while.