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Jun 27 / Kristyl Jaramillo

Cold Sheep 2015: The Game Plan

Here’s a list of projects I am currently or will be making over the next couple of months:

Charity Blankets:

Catan Blankets: The first one’s a fluke, the second one turned out much neater. I just need to finish the border to complete it.

Aqua and Peach Hearts Children’s Blanket: This is made partly with some peach yarn donated by Warm Up Detroit members.

2 Lap blankets for the VA: Made with granny squares from WUD yarn and my scraps that were too small to catalogue on Ravelry. This is just finishing up WUD projects.

Forest Scheme Blanket: Made with my Orlon Sayelle Stash. Very likely going to the VA.

Fuzzy Clouds Baby Blanket: made with Caron Dazzle and Orlon Sayelle.

School Spirit Blanket: Made from whatever yarn remains from the Spirit Shorts project. Very likely going to Children’s Hospital.

Personal Items:

Mossy Tree Trunks: Personal item using KP Diadem

Spirit Shorts: Something for Festifall using Orlon Sayelle and Caron United


Dragon Eggs: Using KP palette to make a bag and worsted cotton yarn for a prototype drink cozy for my cousin.

Tangerine Thank you: Blanket to give to my aunt as thanks for giving me a ton of yarn to work with.


I’m trying to do an even split between the VA and Children’s Hospital. I didn’t even include pattern design projects because I have no clue if I’ll be able to fit those in at this point. Hopefully though I can, so my Ravelry store doesn’t look so lonely.