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Jun 22 / Kristyl Jaramillo

Getting Rid of Bad Habits

I’ll admit, I’m spending too much time online during a crucial point of my academic career. Because I’ve been a lazy oaf since the winter semester let out I honestly have about 12 weeks before I take the MCAT, 11 if you don’t want to count the week of.

But, I cannot dwell on my past shortcomings and now be more proactive about my studying habits. I’ve installed a website time tracking device, and I suppose a week from tomorrow I’ll see what my statistics are. Maybe I’ll have something to write about for my premed-oriented tumblr.

There’s also the fact that I lurk too much on time wasting sites such as Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, imageboards etc. with the tracker I can see how much  I idle on their pages within the next couple of days. I’d really like to get the habit of hours of mindlessly browsing image boards out of my system as that’s a negative habit.

There’s a large and better list of things to do instead of lurking on the internet (and with more benefits too):

  1. Finally read “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”
  2. Work on Crochet projects and designing patterns
  3. Improve  graphic design skills
  4. Know Markdown completely
  5. Write more blog posts
  6. Improve photo editing skills
  7. Improve sketching and drawing skills
  8. Go outside more often (and lose those pesky 8 pounds to get back to 120)
  9. Make internet friends on Ravelry
  10. Re-join Skeins on Main stitch group and WSU Knit Lit from time to time

And the list could go on and on…

That being said, I realize I have a tendency to be online longer than I should be, and I want to fix that. Along with my Cold Sheep Challenge, this seems to be gearing up to be the Summer of Self-Improvement, no?