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Jun 18 / Kristyl Jaramillo

Welcome to My Accountability Center (a rambling introduction)

Hi, I’m Kristyl (or Kris for short), and I have a problem with keeping up with a blog.

Actually it’s more like I have trouble either writing something cool on my main crafting blog, so I turn to Wayne State’s humble WordPress site as a testing site for my posts. Probably some other miscellaneous thoughts as well. So just to let you know ahead of time, posts here are going to probably be a jumble of things and will most likely be subject to numerous editing jobs.

First and foremost, I’ll be trying to use this site to hone my blog writing skill. I’m a rather introverted person in real life, and as such I also lurk on the internet and don’t post comments as frequently. I am very much quite the quiet person in real life and on the internet, and I would like to change that.

As stated in my title, this is going to be my accountability place as this post will have a list to all of the things I want to cover on my main.

The Grand List of Things I Want to Write About (in no particular order):

  • Warm Up Detroit (in general)
  • Warm Up Detroit Blanket Progress
  • Personal Cold Sheep Challenge
  • Review of Task Tracker Apps
  • Cute and Kawaii School Supplies
  • Reviews of Strange Food I buy (WSU exclusive!)
  • Cheap, Cool Hobbies to Take Up in College
  • My Ultrasound Modeling Gig at HFH
  • Quick and Cheap Morning Breakfasts

It’s a rather neat list to write about, but I also have this little thing called the MCAT in September to kind of worry about. I’m also in a spring class and taking an MCAT prep course through the summer, so don’t expect a highly regulated schedule on here. However you can expect me to post a minimum of once every two weeks because I’m serious on trying to improve my writing ability, and I hope to do so over the course of this year.

If anyone’s reading this, drop a comment and say hello!




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