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Aug 23 / Kristyl Jaramillo

Beating Mediocrity

As I continue to crochet my way  through my self-imposed Cold Sheep Challenge, I began to notice something rather alarming: My blankets were rather boring!

Most of the charity blankets I’ve either started or finishing up from Warm Up Detroit pieces have been some variation of granny squares with rather “normal” color schemes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it should be fitting that with this challenge I should also be going out of my comfort zone and expanding my abilities by trying out new stitch patterns. Along with that, the colors in my limited stash shouldn’t be designated to “warm”, “cool”, or “neutral” colored projects.

Long story short I felt a need to inject some fun into the cold sheep challenge by trying new things. As a result, a couple of my previous project plans have changed in order to get some variety in the blankets:


This blanket is named so as its color scheme resembles one of the playground areas at my elementary school. Originally this was just going to be a brown and blue blanket, but I decided to get brighter and bolder colors involved, with color changes happening inside instead of at the end of rounds. I’d definitely say that the end product is  more vibrant than initially planned!


Along with trying out variety in color, I also played with the absence of it. I’m not a fan of using a ton of white yarn on a project, but I ended up using up a bunch on this square as I had no clue what other color to add to it. The outer white rounds end up giving the colored center a lot more attention, and I’m rather liking how this one is turning out!


Varigated, non-self-striping yarn is one of my least favorite types of colorways to work with, but when I found this stitch pattern by KT and the Squid I knew it would look amazing framed with the forest green yarn I had in my stash! I was initially going to use Moogly’s Moroccan Tile pattern with these two colorways, but I’m rather glad I changed my mind. Although the pattern uses variations on single crochet, the rows are working up fast.


Aside from my Catan Blankets I haven’t done a whole lot of motif-based projects, so I decided to make a blanket entirely from the African Flower motif. I made 12 African Flowers from the scraps of my Daisy Dork Shorts, and then after calculating how many I’d have to make in a complementary color in order to get as close as I could get to a rectangular blanket, I found out I’d have to make 28 more! Whoops. Still going through with it, although attaching all 40 motifs, adding a nice border and weaving in all of those ends isn’t one of the most appealing thoughts!

Other Fun Things


Currently writing up a new pattern(s???) that would be great for back to school!


Aug 11 / Kristyl Jaramillo

Running on Empty (or something like it)

Not motivated enough to finish drafts, but motivated enough for writing updates. I honestly didn’t feel like posting another “update”-esque post to the main blog as it gives the appearance that not only am I slacking off with work on the blog, but in my MCAT studies, and that’s definitely not the case!

I ‘m currently working on a draft of a current update to my Cold Sheep plans, but I haven’t had the motivation to finish it. I just kind of feel empty inside. There’s the urge to write something legitimately nice and have well-articulated musings on my self-imposed challenge, but nothing I find up to par comes out. Maybe one day, with that day being before Festifall arrives…

On a side note, there’s the rather uncomfortable feeling of the slight possibility that someone on the Skype MCAT study group I joined a month ago is searching me up online and might be watching this blog. (…Hi Gek?) If you are for some bizarre reason, hello I suppose. Don’t mind me here, this place is bound to be rather boring (and full of published rough drafts).  But, I suppose if you’re into more of my actual writing (and none of that ridiculously silly stuff I write on the side) you’re fine to pop in once in a while.


Jun 27 / Kristyl Jaramillo

Cold Sheep 2015: The Game Plan

Here’s a list of projects I am currently or will be making over the next couple of months:

Charity Blankets:

Catan Blankets: The first one’s a fluke, the second one turned out much neater. I just need to finish the border to complete it.

Aqua and Peach Hearts Children’s Blanket: This is made partly with some peach yarn donated by Warm Up Detroit members.

2 Lap blankets for the VA: Made with granny squares from WUD yarn and my scraps that were too small to catalogue on Ravelry. This is just finishing up WUD projects.

Forest Scheme Blanket: Made with my Orlon Sayelle Stash. Very likely going to the VA.

Fuzzy Clouds Baby Blanket: made with Caron Dazzle and Orlon Sayelle.

School Spirit Blanket: Made from whatever yarn remains from the Spirit Shorts project. Very likely going to Children’s Hospital.

Personal Items:

Mossy Tree Trunks: Personal item using KP Diadem

Spirit Shorts: Something for Festifall using Orlon Sayelle and Caron United


Dragon Eggs: Using KP palette to make a bag and worsted cotton yarn for a prototype drink cozy for my cousin.

Tangerine Thank you: Blanket to give to my aunt as thanks for giving me a ton of yarn to work with.


I’m trying to do an even split between the VA and Children’s Hospital. I didn’t even include pattern design projects because I have no clue if I’ll be able to fit those in at this point. Hopefully though I can, so my Ravelry store doesn’t look so lonely.

Jun 22 / Kristyl Jaramillo

Getting Rid of Bad Habits

I’ll admit, I’m spending too much time online during a crucial point of my academic career. Because I’ve been a lazy oaf since the winter semester let out I honestly have about 12 weeks before I take the MCAT, 11 if you don’t want to count the week of.

But, I cannot dwell on my past shortcomings and now be more proactive about my studying habits. I’ve installed a website time tracking device, and I suppose a week from tomorrow I’ll see what my statistics are. Maybe I’ll have something to write about for my premed-oriented tumblr.

There’s also the fact that I lurk too much on time wasting sites such as Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, imageboards etc. with the tracker I can see how much  I idle on their pages within the next couple of days. I’d really like to get the habit of hours of mindlessly browsing image boards out of my system as that’s a negative habit.

There’s a large and better list of things to do instead of lurking on the internet (and with more benefits too):

  1. Finally read “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”
  2. Work on Crochet projects and designing patterns
  3. Improve  graphic design skills
  4. Know Markdown completely
  5. Write more blog posts
  6. Improve photo editing skills
  7. Improve sketching and drawing skills
  8. Go outside more often (and lose those pesky 8 pounds to get back to 120)
  9. Make internet friends on Ravelry
  10. Re-join Skeins on Main stitch group and WSU Knit Lit from time to time

And the list could go on and on…

That being said, I realize I have a tendency to be online longer than I should be, and I want to fix that. Along with my Cold Sheep Challenge, this seems to be gearing up to be the Summer of Self-Improvement, no?



Jun 20 / Kristyl Jaramillo

Results of one test post

Hey, turns out after publishing here I make a better, much improved post on the official blog!

I suppose this means so far, so good right?

I’ve actually noticed that the original posts was a bit too negative on myself, so I had to lighten up the language while still getting the same sentiment across. So, something I have to improve on.



Jun 19 / Kristyl Jaramillo

Going Cold Sheep: Destash 2015

Last week I took the time to catalogue my current collection of yarn to prepare myself for taking a Cold Sheep challenge. I got the idea from a Ravelry group, who decided that with 2015 as the Year of the Ram they would take it upon themselves to work only from their current yarn stash and not make any yarn purchases for the rest of this year. I decided to take up this challenge as well, as the idea intrigued me and I had a couple of personal reasons to do so:

I have a lot of yarn.

Thanks to inheriting other people’s yarn stashes and a couple impulsive purchases, my room is quite cramped with storage containers full of yarn. There’s yarn located under my bed, in my nightstand drawer, on my bookshelf, next to the book shelf and under my desk. Although organized, I’d like to take out some of these containers and get some free space in my room. Plus at this point it feels as if I’m hiding my yarn out of shame, which I shouldn’t.

I can’t just do charity work through my student organization.

I’ll admit that I’ve been lazy with doing creative charity work. I’ve been working hard to try and get Warm Up Detroit on its feet, but I cannot let that be the reason why I’m not charity work myself. Therefore, I aim to have majority of my finished projects from this challenge go to hospitals near my university. Places I’m looking forward to donate to are the Henry Ford Hospital, DMC Children’s Hospital, and the VA Medical Center.

I need to let go of my attachment to my collection.

I love my wide variety of yarn, but what’s the point in having them if they’re not being used? There’s 4 skeins of very nice yarn I was gifted, and have been sitting in a container under my bed for almost a year and a half because of worrying of not using it on a project “worthy” enough. I need to stop worrying about trivial matters like that and just be more willing to part with yarn for projects. I actually had a problem with dividing yarn projects because I was worried about giving “too much” away!

I need to work on reducing my purchases.

This isn’t too big of a problem, but it still exists and I would like to address it. Retail therapy is fun once in a while, but I really have to budget more after paying for my MCAT fees. Plus, what’s the point in buying more yarn if I don’t have adequate storage space in the first place? Besides not buying yarn, I have also restricted myself from buying any other crafting supplies (the Dollar Deals at Michaels are my downfall!) to really make this a challenge on myself. So far so good, as my last major purchase was in late May!

What I hope to take away from this experience:

I want to see how resourceful and creative I can get with the yarn I have on hand, and also how long I can manage to go without making any crafting-related purchases. I’m rather interested to see how much I saved by going Cold Sheep for as long as I can!

(While I assure you most of the Cold Sheep projects will be going towards charity, there will be a part of my stash going towards creating new crochet patterns and items to sell around late fall. Not only can you enjoy reading about my experience in this challenge, but you can also own a piece of it soon!)  


Jun 18 / Kristyl Jaramillo

Welcome to My Accountability Center (a rambling introduction)

Hi, I’m Kristyl (or Kris for short), and I have a problem with keeping up with a blog.

Actually it’s more like I have trouble either writing something cool on my main crafting blog, so I turn to Wayne State’s humble WordPress site as a testing site for my posts. Probably some other miscellaneous thoughts as well. So just to let you know ahead of time, posts here are going to probably be a jumble of things and will most likely be subject to numerous editing jobs.

First and foremost, I’ll be trying to use this site to hone my blog writing skill. I’m a rather introverted person in real life, and as such I also lurk on the internet and don’t post comments as frequently. I am very much quite the quiet person in real life and on the internet, and I would like to change that.

As stated in my title, this is going to be my accountability place as this post will have a list to all of the things I want to cover on my main.

The Grand List of Things I Want to Write About (in no particular order):

  • Warm Up Detroit (in general)
  • Warm Up Detroit Blanket Progress
  • Personal Cold Sheep Challenge
  • Review of Task Tracker Apps
  • Cute and Kawaii School Supplies
  • Reviews of Strange Food I buy (WSU exclusive!)
  • Cheap, Cool Hobbies to Take Up in College
  • My Ultrasound Modeling Gig at HFH
  • Quick and Cheap Morning Breakfasts

It’s a rather neat list to write about, but I also have this little thing called the MCAT in September to kind of worry about. I’m also in a spring class and taking an MCAT prep course through the summer, so don’t expect a highly regulated schedule on here. However you can expect me to post a minimum of once every two weeks because I’m serious on trying to improve my writing ability, and I hope to do so over the course of this year.

If anyone’s reading this, drop a comment and say hello!