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Project 3: Fictional Letterforms – Final

I previously uploaded some of the drawings I did for this project at the beginning of it. Many of my prospects were too elaborate, or they just had pieces of letterforms – tildes, brackets, etc. – stuck on awkwardly. This proved difficult in execution, as one of the important parts of coming up with a letter was to make it so that if you were to draw or write it out freehand, that it would be easy to do. We had to name our letterforms; I chose “Xy” (like the beginning of Xylophone), which I settled on somewhat easily since my letterform incorporates both the lowercase x and y. It may not be too obvious, but the arm/shoulder/ear of the lowercase r comprises the top right portion of my fictional letterform as well…I thought it complemented the descender of the bottom left, and generally made it look more fancy. I wanted my final letterform to incorporate a few of the main characteristics of Transitional type (more flattened head serif, vertical/near vertical stress of the bowls, greater stroke/substroke variation than in Old Style/Humanist font), but I wasn’t able to settle on anything that satisfied two or three of those characteristics and that struck me. I picked the “Xy” because I liked how strongly it emphasizes the variation in stroke and substroke thickness, and I picked to insert it between the  x and the y because I felt it would juxtapose various similarities and differences between aspects of both letters (like the apertures of the x and the y, for example). All in all, I’m pleased with the finished product.



Letterform and Letters

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19 Feb 2013