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Project 4: Constrained Systems

For this assignment, we were given a specific noun and adjective and our task was to design a modular system of letters out of only squares or circles (our choice). My words were Splatters and Defamatory.

For the first part of the assignment, we had to brainstorm connotations for our words and start to sketch out some ideas of what this would look like. The connotations for Splatters was fairly straightforward and could only be one real thing, but for Defamatory, I had a few more options.



I decided to go with the degradation/destruction aspect of Defamatory, as it yielded the best results, in my opinion.

Below is what I ended up with as a first draft for these two words in digital format. As I said, Splatters was pretty straightforward, but Defamatory is what I needed to work on refining and committing to a design.

Defamatory and Splatters

UPDATE March 7th

Here is the final outcome for this project. Visually, I like the way Defamatory came out, but I think that Splatters conveys what it represents more so than Defamatory.

Defamatory FINAL

Splatters FINAL

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5 Mar 2013