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Serifs are Serious

I stumbled upon an interesting article while researching Baskerville, my font for Project 2 on font mannerisms. The article states that some fonts are more easily trusted than others. This hypothesis was tested by using the following example. All three statements are identical, and yet the middle one was most believed. And why is that? The author writes, because “serifs are serious”.

Gold has an atomic number of 79






The article also touches on the hatred of Comic Sans, which I find amusing that people would devote time to hating a typeface, but there is a point to it…

“The team of researchers that presented its findings on the Higgs Boson Particle using the font Comic Sans got reamed for it on Twitter and elsewhere by everyone over age 8. Why? It’s not like the science was any less science-y. It’s not like the facts were any less fact-y. But Comic Sans is so ridiculous that the actual letters weakened the message.”

Comic Sans Higgs Boson Particle












The full article can be read by clicking below:


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Posted by Kathryn on January 27, 2013
  1. 02/3/2013

    Kathryn: I’m not sure how you are set for links here. On some blogs it’s OK to leave them and on others it’s not but just in case this is a link of Adobe’s PDF with information about the font.


  2. 02/2/2013

    Thanks for your comments Barry, you bring up some very good points! I’ve never heard of Brioso Pro, I will have to look into it. I agree with your thoughts on the numerals in Georgia (even though I still really like Georgia otherwise) 🙂

  3. 01/28/2013

    Hi there Kathryn

    While it’s true that Comic Sans sucks and frankly I don’t know anyone that likes it I wondered why Baskerville turned out on top and not Georgia?

    I just Did a side by side, well really an over and under , comparison of Baskerville and Georgia and Baskerville is much cleaner and the numerals are not quite as stark. For a science paper I can see Baskerville over Georgia simply because the Numbers in Baskerville have no ascenders and descenders which could be annoying as hell for a science paper. Baskerville is also not as —- compressed and has much better kerning

    I had also wondered about Brioso Pro which I am very fond of and wondered why it wasn’t included at all. When I added it to the comparison I saw that it was a much more relaxed font and felt a good deal more casual. Baskerville on the other hand has much more of a Trajan Column sort of feel it it.

    Anyway, though I have never been a big fan of Baskerville and have always preferred Brioso Pro it is something that I will consider. I’m not saying that the article changed my mind and has set me on the path of font righteousness but it is something that I will consider. This after all is one of those things that, once learned, you never forget and will carry it with you.

    Thank you so much, Kathryn, for wrecking my day with worries over fonts. 🙂


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