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Anatomy of Typography



A look at the basic anatomy of typeface. I knew there was a lot that goes into typographical anatomy, but I was surprised to find that there was quite this much.

A good reference tool.

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27 Jan 2013

Serifs are Serious

I stumbled upon an interesting article while researching Baskerville, my font for Project 2 on font mannerisms. The article states that some fonts are more easily trusted than others. This hypothesis was tested by using the following example. All three statements are identical, and yet the middle one was most believed. And why is that? The author writes, because “serifs are serious”.

Gold has an atomic number of 79






The article also touches on the hatred of Comic Sans, which I find amusing that people would devote time to hating a typeface, but there is a point to it…

“The team of researchers that presented its findings on the Higgs Boson Particle using the font Comic Sans got reamed for it on Twitter and elsewhere by everyone over age 8. Why? It’s not like the science was any less science-y. It’s not like the facts were any less fact-y. But Comic Sans is so ridiculous that the actual letters weakened the message.”

Comic Sans Higgs Boson Particle












The full article can be read by clicking below:


27 Jan 2013

Scavenger Hunt Letters

Here are the final versions of my letters:

A  E  I  M  Q  U  Y  *


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16 Jan 2013

Scavenger Hunt Assignment

Here are some examples of minimalist letters that I was able to find around the house and outside.

A - Sidewalk Crack -alternate- BLOG

A, from a crack in the sidewalk

E - Fabric Creases BLOG










E from fabric creases in my dog’s bed

I - Makeup Brush BLOG











I, from a makeup brush

M - Wood Grain BLOG











M in a door’s wood grain

Q - Mug BLOG





Q, a mug

U - Telephone Cord BLOG











U from an telephone cord

W - Piano Music Stand BLOG










W from my piano’s sheet music stand

Y - Wall-Ceiling Corner BLOG








Y from a ceiling/wall corner

Z - Sidewalk Crack BLOG











Z, formed by sidewalk cracks and somewhat clever angling

Asterisk - Bottom of Utility Bucket











An asterisk, found on the bottom of a utility bucket

Question Mark - Hanger BLOG











A question mark, out of a hanger

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13 Jan 2013

Century Gothic

Century Gothic

Century Gothic is one of my favorite typefaces. I’ve used it for projects and incorporated it into a logo I designed for a friend’s photography business. It’s also my default Outlook font choice…is that surprising?

Considered a geometric typeface, this serif-less font was designed and distributed in 1991 by the Monotype Corporation. I was surprised to learn that Century Gothic is actually widely used in various media. It’s used on the credits for the TV show House; it’s also the main font of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and was the official font for the medallions of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Bands Weezer and Franz Ferdinand also use Century Gothic in their logos.

Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out

9 Jan 2013

Death By Typography

I have always loved images cleverly crafted from words or letters. This was found on gCORE’s deviantART blog (

Death By Typography

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9 Jan 2013

About Me

My name is Kathryn, and I’m a junior in the Graphic Design program at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. This is my class-directed blog devoted to Typography.

©          ®          ™

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7 Jan 2013