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Book Making Process

Layout of Electronic Version:


Making the physical copy Pictures:


Didn’t want to waste time when making it on the computer. H/ad no idea how to work with this, and just wanted to get this done quick.

Printing it and putting it together is where it’s the most irritating, again, for the sake of saving time.

11 Dec 2012

Final Written Post

Finally. It’s almost done. After wading through so much crap, I’ll finally be done with this. Will need to have pictures of paste-up process. Sounds stupid. Should get the thing done during weekend. That way I can get the correct paper. Still have better projects to do.

Will now wrap up writings. This will be the final blog post to be in the book. Everything else will just be images that will remain online. Only to be forgotten.

If there is anything to take from this course, it’s the fonts that I could use when I go to make my own comics. But I will still be the guy who just draws the picture.

Don’t waste the audience’s time. Don’t treat them like idiots. And actually be engaging with your work.

Ending entry now.

6 Dec 2012

Project 5 documentation 11-29-2012

No idea what I’m supposed to do. All information from previous class is lost to me. Find self more interested in personal sketchbook.

Decide to just have all posts be sent to their own pages. Or just enough to fill up to 12 pages. Won’t try to trivialize Table of Contents. Not making book I want to make. Just a log of blogs that I never really cared for.

Found only a few things interesting. Everything else was boring. Only irritated me. Don’t really care for being a designer. Rather be illustrator or do something in entertainment industry. If type is important, I’d rather not have it be overcomplicated.

I prefer working more with image and pictures as opposed to words. Respect the use in kinetic type animations. Respect it as a way to see art works. Just don’t care for it.


UPDATE: Managed to get somewhere.

29 Nov 2012

Video Critique – Unmannered

27 Nov 2012

Video Critique – Deprciation

27 Nov 2012

4th Project progress – 11/15/2012


15 Nov 2012

Graceful – Swan

8 Nov 2012

Expedition – Mt. Everest

8 Nov 2012

Project 4 11/8/12

thinking of ways to express form. Experimented by basing letter forms of of the roman text and Runes used in Tolkein’s work. Also tried working on basing letterforms on DigiCode (see earlier post).


Planing on working with all letters in the word. Progress goes a lot quicker.

8 Nov 2012

Runes of Tolkein

Another alphabet, this time from the works of J.R.R. Tolkein. These are the runes used in the The Hobbit.


6 Nov 2012