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Project 5 final boards

8 Dec 2012

Final Outcome of Constrained Systems


Sorry for the photo quality.

8 Dec 2012

Project 4 Critique

My critique for Amanda’s words.

26 Nov 2012

Project 4 Sketches

20 Nov 2012



My connotation brainstorms on paper for my words. Sorry in advance for my slopping handwriting.

6 Nov 2012

Visual Examples of Magnification$File/MI_Magnification.gif


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5 Nov 2012

Visual Examples of Oppression


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5 Nov 2012

My Interpretation of the Words

To me, oppressive is the constraining or smothering of a person or group of persons whether it be through brute force, unjust and inhumane acts of ruler ship or government, or emotionally attacking a person to where they feel figuratively crushed beneath negative feelings and depression.

Until I recently looked up the word, I always associated oppression with political and social context, when a group of people or a society are being forced back or severely restricted due to a tyrannical ruler.

Magnification is a more direct to point definition, which talks about the magnifying of an object. I associate this with a scientific point of view, looking through a magnifying glass or a microscope and seeing the object in question enlarged  in proportion and size. To see something up close and in detail that the human eye cannot see on its own.

Examples of oppression:

  • women being oppressed in the past  by not being able to perform in most activities men do, including but not limited to: voting, working outside the home, education,  and even partaking in the arts.
  • people living under an oppressive government, such as in North Korea or Saudi Arabia
  • a person feels oppressed by being in an unhealthy and/or abusive relationship. Or they feel oppressed from depression after the loss of a loved one.


Examples of magnification:

  • Examining a group of cells underneath a microscope. The higher the magnification, the more details that show up in the cells.
  • To make something look larger then what it is. Like in Photoshop, when you use the Zoom tool is magnify a particular spot of the image, to see it up close and enlarged highlighting the details.
  • slide projector which projects a large image of a small slide on a screen. (Source: Taken from Wikipedia’s definition of magnification. I found it to be an interesting example.)
  • I also noticed on that synonyms for magnification include caricature, elaboration, exaggeration, and overstatement. All of these exist in an art form of some kind, which leads me to believe magnification is an unconventional art characteristic.


5 Nov 2012

Word Research

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5 Nov 2012


Again, found the image on Tumblr. It is a minimalist poster created by London designer Anneke Short, part of a series entitled “Confessions of a Designer”. The posters are composed of quotes either from Short herself or designer friends of hers, regarding the preconceptions people have of designers.  They are meant to display the difficulties designers face in the real world while being both honest and humorous.

You can visit her blog to see her other poster designs as well.

18 Oct 2012