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Apr 1 / Kristina

Kerned Interventions



My typography class was split into groups of two, my partner was Justina.  Anywho, we were tasked with writing haiku’s about typography Anyways, we were tasked with writing a haiku about typography. Justina and I decided to go with her haiku because it sounded exciting, compared to mines that sounded more simple and straightforward.  Justina was more descriptive, and I enjoyed the words she chose to use.

Warm Golden Letterforms

Bold Glyphs Twisting Into Thought

Spring Forth Eternity


That’s pretty deep, right? Yeah I knew you felt the same way 🙂

The next part of the project was to cut out each letter of each word from black foam core using an Xacto blade… I’m not good at cutting.. so it took about almost 3 years, okay okay maybe not that long but it did take 3 days. So, twenty-nine letters later, my fingers were sore, but my letters came out pretty decent. There is always room for improvement but they weren’t half bad from far away, i’m kidding.  Ater we finally  organized all our letters and mounted them to a wall in Old Main. We chose to do ours through the doors for several reasons:  Normally when people walk up to the thrid floor in old main, your pretty much out of breath or dead tried, so maybe you would like to stop for a second just as your about to climb up those last “few stairs” you notice something on the wall.  You stop and read those beautiful words and it makes your day feel so much better because of how warmful and bright it sounds.  You just had your quote of the day, perfect. The way we set up our letters instead of being close like everyone else,  it was done with spaces on purpose for that reason.  Now if you ever that person that walks up those longs stairs and need to stop to take a break, or just need to hear those beautiful words you will get to enjoy our beautiful typographic masterpiece. Below you can enjoy seeing the process of making this beautiful typographic masterpiece.