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Project 2 Font Mannerism



Background Info:


Created by-Giambattista Bodoni

Designed In the late 18th and early 19th century 

Part 1: Font Family Display (Observation)

Part 1.1

My font type for Project 2 is BODONI

For this half of the project we had to maintain our work within a base page.

Picture of our base page is below:


Part 1.1: Font Family Display

Throughout this half of the project we had to compare the difference between different styles of our font.

Bodoni has four

Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic

I created a layer of each of the individual styles. We had to include the full alphabet in both caps and lowercase. Included with the alphabets are numbers 0-9 and multiple glyphs of my choice.

Then we had to include grid lines and actual lines to define the ascender, cap height, descender, x-height, and the baseline.

I made each layer into organized neat look in black font/lines and white background color. Every font layer had to be perfectly centered and with the same size font. The paper size had to be 11×17.
Below are images of my four completed layouts:

Regular copy italic copybold copy  bolditalic copy

Part 1.2

In part 1.2 I had to choose eight descriptive words that I feel describes BODONI.

I chose:

  • Curvy, Modern, Elegant, condensed, Engaging, Classic, geometric, transitional

These were then set the same four styles of:

  • regular, italic, bold, bold italic

Then in a range of font/leading combinations in an organized fashion for comparison:

  • 8/10pt
  • 10/12pt
  • 12/16pt
  • 14/18pt
  • 18/24pt
  • 24/30pt
  • 36/40pt

Below is an image of my comparisons:

part1.2 copy

 Part 2: Visual Analysis

Part 2.1

In Part 2.1 I focused on comparing certain characteristics with my font family. I chose to define one anatomy part for each style to compare.

These are:

  • bowl- a’s
  • stress- e’s
  • finial- f’s
  • ear- g’s

part2.1a's(noborder) copy2   part2.1e's(noborder) copy

part2.1f's(noborder) copy part2.1g's(noborder) copy2

Part 2.1: Visual Analysis Reflection

This first part of the Visual Analysis had us express our creative ways of showing the different anatomy part within each font style. I quickly see the difference in characteristic between each style. My mind quickly saw the difference between the characteristics. Each style had a unique form. I liked this half of the project because it was visually appealing.

Part 2.2: Visual Analysis 

This second part of the Visual Analysis had a lot more to do with technical terms. I had to find a unique and readable way to define each anatomy part and guidelines. I also had to choose two words from my descriptions of my font in 2.1.

I chose:

  • Transitional
  • Engaging

This part is similar to Part 1 but with an actual definition to the lines and the anatomy. I used color and dotted lines to clearly and visually state each part.

 part2.2 copy

Part 3: Expressive Compositions

Part 3:

In part 2 it had more to do with defining the anatomy part of each style in their “letter” form. Part 3 however, we are free to form glyphs and intelligent have them define two words that we chose from 1.2.

I chose:

  • Elegant
  • Curvy

Part 3: Brainstormed Ideas of mine

Words related:                              Elegant Ideas:                             Curvy Ideas:

brainstorm words elegant brainstorm curvy brainstorm

Part 3: Final Results

elegant part3black copy   part3.1 copy

I found a unique way to put all my prior ideas together into one design for each word. Which made it much easier for myself and in the long term turned out to look well uniformed and very neat and unique.


Describing this project in one word would be impossible. I had good times and sad times. It was tedious but at the same time it truly got my mind working. I don’t think I could forget the terms of each anatomy. I enjoyed this better because I physically had to design and find the terms. I have everything memorized perfectly and it was an intriguing way of making me remember. It is better then memorizing out of a book. I definitely had to put a lot of work outside the classroom. Though that is what this is about.

Part 1 and 2.2 were all technical and no play. However, speaking for myself and probably the rest of the class, part 2.1 and 3, were fun and had more to do with our creative ways of showing what we know and learned. Yes, it was tedious, but I actually learned a lot from this project and I learned to appreciate my font. This is not like your standard anatomy class. I would actually recommend this form of learning/doing process to anyone that has to memorize a ton of information. I mean of there is the time to do so. It is very time consuming. However, all the work and effort used was properly planned and informative.

I love Bodoni now. I love the unique curves. How different but uniformed it is. It also has class. It can be used in wedding invitations. The font is fun. Even though I had my good times and bad I learned more then expected from this project. Nothing in life is easy and if it were we wouldn’t learn to appreciate it. I am sure the creator of Bodoni would enjoy the efforts we put in learning and visualizing his unique form and strokes put into his work. It is truly an art form. Typography is not just what you read on a daily basis, it is truly and expression of one’s self of the work displayed.

Reflection After Critique:

I would start with the importance of following instructions. It is critical in the working world to know was is asked of us as a graphic designer. No matter what the pressures are in the world the main focus is knowing what is needed and asked of you from your clients. Yes artistic freedom is important and may bring variety to new thoughts of interpreting things in a unique way, but there are ways to do that with following the clients wants and needs. My part 3 “Elegant” was a fail. I should have gone with my gut and stuck to leaving the glyphs in black and the background white. Small details can go a long way. I Could have lost a client for that little detailed miss.


Another portion of the critique is knowing how the use the RULER tool to position our fonts or objects perfectly centered. I agree that is important that  a designer who is looking to make something perfectly symmetrical should know how to use the tools in our adobe software to their advantage. We might make mistakes and our eye can play tricks, but our software is designed to help find exact pin points.

Use of color and space is also an important aspect in critique. Appealing is the word I would use. Something that is eye catching and aligned in a way that it is not overbearing is important to understand with all our work.

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Posted by Jessika Naranjo-Colina on February 15, 2015
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