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Mid Term – 20/20

Tonight on 20/20 we have a solutions !!!


11 Mar 2011


A CLASSIC,vepisode,1,0

25 Dec 2010

Molar Wave

Dr Munk and Dr Barber,..
Could there be as such a thing as a mole to a wave, a proverbial Avagadro’s number that relays the quantized stoichiometry of a wave from the quantum to the macro? Specifically a wave of light?

We already use light density and absorbance to predict concentrations, why couldnt a mole of photos be held in the same realm as moles of electric charges, and moles of H+ molecules?

25 Dec 2010

Tell me about Hydrogen’s Energy Well

Hi Dr. B,

You mentioned that hydrogen has some kind of an energy well? Whats that?

25 Dec 2010


Q: Would the reaction of the arctic ice cap melting be an exothermic or endothermic reaction?

my A: I think overall it would have to be an endothermic reaction with a positive ∆H, an increase in enthalpy and entropy requires heat energy and that heat energy can only be taken from the system, What could that hold for the environment as it is a part of the same ecosystem as the giant block of ice is melted. Could there be colder winters as the environment tries to compensate for the equilibrium stress, leaving patches of hot and cold areas, and could those patches be predicted by utilizing rates of diffusion, and like, Could LaChatelier be turning in his grave at this very moment?

Some time global warming, and green house effect, sound like something nice, like a big cheezburger in the sky turning like a wheel, dripping oil in to the ocean. But its actually really serious!, The temperature in the arctic fluctuates only by ten 10º and at or around -10*C, only 10º from melting,

Correct A?: you decide! Leave a Comment.

25 Dec 2010

Calculus – What is a derivative

A derivative in calculus in my opinion is a simplification of a function, in most basic words. where a function is a complex mechanism, a derivative is a less complex, ( in concept ), a derivative derives a value from a function, that value is usually a basic aspect of that initial function, such as a value of slope at a specific point of the original function.

For example if a function is a simple curve of x^2 then the slope of x^2 is 2x at any point on that curve.
2x is a derivative of x^2 and then 2 is a derivative of 2x.
So then where 2 is the slope (2x) of the slope of the function  (x^2)

Deriving at an answer to me is like checking in with the supply chain, to see how things are going, or calling up a battle ship and asking which way its going at this time.

and if an Integral is the opposite of a derivative then the cargo ship is calling me up to see how everybody else is doing, as well as its self.

… maybe ???

24 Dec 2010

The chemistry is over, Long live the Chemistry!

Haa haa im a nerd and theres really no doubt,.

Dr Barber, and Dr. Munk thought that they’re done with me, but they were wrong!.

I still have questions!!!, Dr B. still want to connect the dots for synchronized reactions, And i’m still curious about whats happening beyond critical points, and if there’s similar “weird” behavior such as ones happening at extremely cold temperature, or is there another lamba point for fluid gasses at critical points. or maybe its an upside down lambda point.

Dr Munk, I’ve been meaning to get your opinion on utilization of L’Hopitals Rule in molecular orbital probability. You class was awesome! Its like you said, I learned a lot and I taught my self a lot, See in Analytical In a little bit I just got to take a detour to Orgo for a minute, but Ill be back!!!

And for nerdy extra credit points, that segways me to Mark! Technically since radius of an atom is a fuzzy border and since the the shape of an S orbital is more circular than is “spockey” like the the D orbital, would it mean that the 3ds orbital is at a slightly higher energy level than is a 4s1. despite having an energy level number higher for ex: 4 and not 3, at-least some of the time, is theres really no way of knowing which time, so and could it be that both answers are right the 4s1 and the 3d10 are at times each the highest energy levels. 🙂

NMR of electron subshells including 3s 3d

not exactly the 4s1 3d10 we're talking about

you guys are awesome! happy semester!

20 Dec 2010


What is a memristor?  A memristor (“memory resistor”) is a passive two-terminal circuit element in which the resistance is a function of the history of the current through and voltage across the device.

4 Dec 2010

Article Ref: Multidimensional Log

A Logarithm is mathematical tool that is designed to allow people to work with very large and very small numbers. As output a number returns that symbolizes the magnitude of sampled number, (on a scale of 1 t0 10 how small is it?… the log of a number). For this same reason the magnitude and significance of numbers is limited to values after the decimal point for any number derived from log,. but Logarithms can have more than one dimension. A log can be based on a any number, in the sense it would occupy that as a base for its calculation. In nature logarithm is used to predict population growth and other naturally occurring systems by taking a sample of nature with the natural log, (ln) LN is based on (e) 2.8. this specific number opens the keys to cellular division, bacterial grown rates, rates of chemical reaction equilibria heat enthalphy, activation energy of molecules,.. alot its alot.    But to return to multi-dimensional logarithms for a basic thought experiment, for example in programming a function can accept many variables, but can output only one, it would be nice if we  output more, you can!, a variable can be made an object and can be attributed an unlimited number of properties, or in other words containers of information and basically endowing it a new set of an informational dimension. So a variable isn’t just a variable but an object with properties, and each property can be a vector of information. Forming a node structure of information…

Fundamental Limits of Almost Lossless Analog Compression by
Yihong Wu Department of Electrical Engineering Princeton University Princeton, NJ 08544, USA Email:

In Shannon theory, lossless source coding deals with the optimal compression of discrete sources. Compressed sensing is a lossless coding strategy for analog sources by means of multiplication by real-valued matrices. In this paper we study almost lossless analog compression for analog memoryless sources in an information-theoretic framework, in which the compressor is not constrained to linear transformations but it satisfies various regularity conditions such as Lipschitz continuity. The fundamental limit is shown to be the information dimension proposed by Re ́nyi in 1959.
Fundamental Limits of Almost Lossless Analog Compression

A 2-Digit Multidimensional Logarithmic Number System Filterbank for a Digital Hearing Aid Architecture
By H. Li, G. A. Jullien*, V. S. Dimitrov*, M. Ahmadi, and W.C. Miller VLSI Research Group,
University of Windsor Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9B 3P4, Tel (519) 253-3000 Ext. 3393, e-mail *ATiPS Laboratory, Dept. ECE, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada T2N 1N4

This paper addresses the design and implementation of a fil- terbank for digital hearing aids using a multi-dimensional logarithmic number system (MDLNS). The logarithmic properties of the MDLNS allow for reduced complexity mul- tiplication, and large dynamic range, and a multiple-digit MDLNS provides a considerable reduction in hardware complexity compared to a conventional logarithmic number system (LNS) approach. In this paper we discuss the design and implementation of both a 1-digit and 2-digit 2-D MDLNS filterbank and provide initial simulation results.
A 2-Digit Multidimensional Logarithmic Number Systems

24 Nov 2010

For when you need that screen

24 Nov 2010