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Apr 3 / Justine Ross

Kerning!!!! (Thursday)

This how your kerning project looked like on Wednesday. All the letters fell on the floor. I find it weirdly beautiful.


Apr 3 / Justine Ross

KERRRNING! (other folks stuff)

Sara and Tyler

Sara(h) and Tyler

Reem and Rana

Reem and Rana

Arielle and Aaron

Aaron and Arielle

Justina and Xstina

Justina and Kristina (Hey! That rhymes!)

Apr 3 / Justine Ross



Final Product! Yay!


How we organized it.

(ps. Cutting all those letters out was a b****!

Apr 2 / Justine Ross

Project 4

Plus I liked my poster

Apr 2 / Justine Ross

Project 4

I an actually happy with my final two words my final two words . Overall I thought this project was very fun. Once you got your grove it was enjoyable to experiment with the connotations of your words.  Since you were stuck with such specific instructions you really had to be creative to figure out a way to capture the essence of your word. Since we all got different outcomes with our words that just sjows you how diverse people interpretation of things really are.

Apr 2 / Justine Ross

Project 4

I can only put up my scans right now because all of my process work is in illustrator, but here are some of my initial sketches for this project. I was trying to get an abstract idea of destruction and graceful. So I did a bunch of scribbles and lines. Now that I look destruction specifically, I can see how the initial sketches were helpful in the long run.                                                                                                                                                        img039 img040 img038

Apr 2 / Justine Ross

final product for project 3


This project was stressful. I’m overall satisfied with my letter, but there are some definite improvements I could have made. Like the placement of the letter in the alphabet. And my craftsmanship was not up to par.

Mar 9 / Justine Ross

Type Misakes

I found a website that go over some of the typography mistakes. They talked about dashes! DASHES!

Mar 9 / Justine Ross

How to make a Beautiful Book (Ellen Lupton)

Beautiful_Books ELLEN LUPTON

She did a presentation in Amsterdam….??? Anyway, these are her slides I’m guessing. This pdf was free AND legal!

Feb 24 / Justine Ross

more pr-uo-cess for the new letter

letters002 letters004 letters007 letters008 letters009 letters012

letters015 letters003

This is too tedious.  But once you have a good sketch or some kind of foundation, you straight.