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Sep 26 / Jeffrey Koscielecki

Good and Bad Typography

I don’t think the typography is too bad in this poster, but I think there are too many fonts in it and a lot of it blends into the background, I also kinda feel like a lot of the text is close in size.

I am not sure if this really counts as “good typography” but I saw it on a web site the other day and thought it looked really cool.

Sep 13 / Jeffrey Koscielecki

Just posting something . . .

I haven’t posted anything on my blog yet so I just decided to upload a picture I made a while ago.

Sep 4 / Jeffrey Koscielecki

Hello world!

First post about starting this blog for my Graphic Design 2 class. So I will be posting things I am doing in design/art as well as some other things art or design related.