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Abby’s Conspicuous

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28 Nov 2012

Abby’s Modification

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28 Nov 2012




making claims or pretensions to superior importance orrights; overbearingly assuming; insolently

proud: anarrogant public official.


characterized by or proceeding from arrogance: arrogantclaims.


Some pictures that show arrogance


How do I describe Arrogant?

Arrogant is being very prideful in one’s self. Taking to extremes as to possible belittle someone else because of such pride.

1 Nov 2012




plural syn·the·ses  [sin-thuh-seez] 


the combining of the constituent elements of separatematerial or abstract entities into

a single or unified entity (opposed to analysis, )

the separating of any material orabstract entity into its constituent elements.


a complex whole formed by combining.


Chemistry, the forming or building of a more complexsubstance or compound from elements or simpler




the third stage of argument in Hegelian dialectic, which reconciles the mutually contradictory first two propositions, thesis  and antithesis.


Biology ,

modern synthesis, a consolidation of the results ofvarious lines of investigation from the 1920s through

the1950s that supported and reconciled the Darwinian theory of evolution and the Mendelian laws

of inheritance in terms of natural selection acting on genetic variation.


Multiple types of syntheses. Such as:

Protein Synthesis

Cell Synthesis

Color Synthesis

DNA Synthesis

Some sample pictures representing this noun.


How I describe this?

Synthesis is a way to take two things and put them together to end with a new result.

1 Nov 2012

Janna Wilson


So Janna Wilson is a designer, typographer and graphic designer I just stumbled upon. She makes adorable crafts and color images, such as this one alogn with other print, photography, and illustrations. It reminds me little of my mother and grandmother as they always loved to do arty crafts and it’s uplifting to me when I look through her site and blog

Her site:

Her Blog:

22 Oct 2012

Geometric Sans and Slab Sans


So the word geometric stuck in my head and i went searching and I found these images. They’re actually on the Univerity of Dayton Brand Guide website. the have some other things as well and I thought it was a nice reference and lines up how the fonts change with in the families. Plus it reminded me of the Font Mannerism project.

Check it out

22 Oct 2012

Difference in G’s

13 Sep 2012

Little more on Aleksander

Found from here “”Click””

  • In the early 1920s Rodchenko left painting behind, proclaiming it’s death in 1921 in the June issue of MoMA, and took up different types of art including photomontage (he was one of the first to experiment with it), furniture design, poster, book & typographic design, believing these forms of art to be more effective is communicating the messages of the soviet union. His work from this point on echoed what was going on in the Communist Regime during that time.
  • During the movement he formed the first working group of Constructivists. Rodchenko played a large part in the Constructivist movement, essentially making it what it was, just as it, in return, made Rodchenko who he was. The Constructivists were the first group of artists in a long time to consider themselves more important and useful to society as a whole.


Found from here “”Click””

  • His design work for other clients ranged from book covers to bookmarks, photo-montage and illustration, and even set and costume design for various Russian theaters.
  • His early focus was on painting before starting his career as a graphic designer, later he would experiment with photography and photo-montage.
  • Heavily influenced by the upheaval surrounding the Russian revolution of 1917, he was one of the most prolific constructivist artists of the period.
13 Sep 2012

Alexander Rodchenko

Just a few things

Also some of his works

  • Rodchenko (1891-1956)
  • Aleksander Rodchenko’s graphic design is believed to be the root of 20th century graphic design. His most influencial works are his editorial design works for magazines rather than his advertising works.
11 Sep 2012

Some Elaborate Letters

6 Sep 2012