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Dante Alighieri


Dante Alighieri: Born in 1265. He was born into a complex political family In Florence, Italy. Dante had a childhood friend by the name of Beatrice Portinari, in which he fell deeply in love with. Several years gone by and Beatrice had passed away. Dante was without the love of his life. He decided to get involved with the political scene of Florence. The political group known as the Black Guelphs had exiled Dante for life. After he was exiled, Dante started working on the epic that is The Divine Comedy. After years of creating the story the first part of it was completed. The first part of the story is called Inferno.


Dante’s Inferno: Dante had written this story as a self journey through Hell in order to achieve something he had lost. Throughout his journey’s in his real life he crossed paths with several people that were considered major characters to his story. The whole thing is a journey for Dante to get Beatrice back. The other two parts written are known as Purgatory and Paradise (Heaven).


This link takes you to the first Canto of Inferno.


I have always admired Dante’s work and this epic that he wrote is by far one of my top favorite poems. When I read through these Cantos I try to put myself in his shows and sometimes I imagine how I would be able to overcome all of his obstacles.

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