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Jul 31 / Jeremy Block


Welcome to my blog on poetry. In this blog I will compare a few famous poets. These poets consist of William Shakespeare, Homer, and Dante Alighieri. To start off providing an insight to these three poets, I will like to say that all three of them are fantastic at writing poetry and are by far the best creators of their time.

Three pages will be constructed, one for each poet. These pages will consist of a small biography, a few samples of their work, two reasons why I chose these poets, and to top it all off a brief analysis of their poems and what they mean to me.

Hopefully you, the reader, will enjoy this blog.


  1. Jeremy Block / Aug 1 2015

    I honestly just started making this blog and I am still not finished with it. I’m making it for my class final, but after I finish it for that I might keep this blog going.

  2. James / Aug 1 2015

    I just found this blog…I can not wait to read all those poems!


  3. don / Aug 1 2015

    I don’t understand why there are not tons of comments on this blog.


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