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Apr 27 / Jeremy Block

Project 3: Fictional Letterform

IMG_5053 IMG_5040 IMG_5110

The fictional letter form project was very time consuming. When we are trying to create our own letters we had to be careful of how we were creating the letter.

IMG_5077 IMG_5078

Visualizing each aspect of the letters was the beginning of the process. Trying to see what letters to take parts from. Drawing each letter out first helped show what to look for in each letter.

img003 img004 img009

The letter form I created is named fsj. The only problem that was shown was the fact it looks too close to an s. I am glad to create a letter, it helped me be able to visualize the characters and glyphs. These visualizations helped me determine the outcome and shape of the letter form.

Apr 8 / Jeremy Block

About Me

My name is Jeremy Block. I am in my fourth year at Wayne State. Unfortunately I still have another two years to graduate, but I know I can get through. When I first started going here I was a math education major, after two years of that I decided that I didn’t want to be a teacher. So I switched my major to graphic design and I have stuck with it since. Being a graphic designer has always been what I wanted to do. I’m into video games which is one of the reasons I am in this program; I want to learn how to create video games.

My life before Wayne State:

  • Graduated from Clintondale High School in 2011.
  • Played for the Clintondale Golf Team the last three years of high school.
  • I have been bowling for over 15 or 16 years.
Apr 8 / Jeremy Block

Typographic Pals

Daha Lee –

Robin Kassis –

Shela Vang –

Emily Borden –

Kathleen Neal –

Jamie Rowland –

Ana Hernandez –

Sarah Alburahi –

Kyle Thousand –

Jerome Jackson –


Jan 26 / Jeremy Block

Scavenger Hunt PRO 1

IMG_4738 IMG_4703 IMG_4729


The type my group was working with was minimal. The process was very challenging because some of the letters and symbols were hard to find. Plus half of the images were taken different ways. The image above of the lights could be used as a W, Z, M, or N. Minimal is a very tough type to find, because everything has extra parts to the look and style of how it is shown.

Jan 12 / Jeremy Block

Hello world!

Welcome to Wayne State University Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!