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Aug 2 / Jennifer

Classes, Classes, Classes!

I’m working on a post about my dorm room (which will have multitudes of pretty pictures, I promise!) but for now I can (hopefully) keep you kind of entertained with a description of my classes for next year.

My situation as a college freshman is a little strange — I’m transferring in 52 credits due to AP Tests and dual enrollment (a typical degree takes a minimum of 128 credits), which puts me in the category of “second semester sophomore.” Because of this, I actually have to declare a major at the end of my first semester in college — no pressure, right?

For me, the most logical course of action was to try to get my feet wet in as many subjects as I can, so I’m taking an 18 credit course load next semester. Here’s a breakdown of my classes:

Intro to Anthropology
This is kind of my “freebie” class. Since I don’t have much any background in Anthropology, I thought it would be fun to try it out and see what happens. I think Physical Anthropology is a really interesting field, and it seems like it would be a good major for a pre-med student (which I am).
Intro to Cell Biology
Pretty much a basic bio class. I think it’ll be really interesting (who didn’t like making cell dioramas in middle school, though?), and it’s a requirement for a lot of medical schools.
Oral Communications
This is basically a speech class — mandatory to graduate.
The City
I’m really excited for this class — it’s a seminar for all honors students, and from what I’ve heard, it focuses on urban development and planning in Detroit. I’ve also heard that it includes a trip to some fun places like a jazz club and the Detroit Institute of Arts (which is wonderful to visit anyway — honors students apparently get a pass to the DIA, and I would love to take advantage of that!)
University Scholars Seminar
Mandatory for other National Merit kids who are there on the same scholarship I’m on. I have no idea what we’ll be doing, but I’m sure I’ll find out!
Individual Problems in Kinesiology
Contrary to the intimidating title, this class is hopefully not as hard as it may seem. It’s a two day camping/canoeing trip for incoming freshman followed by a few in-class sessions over first semester. I’ve never been camping officially before (unless sleeping in a tent for a night for Relay for Life counts?), so it’ll be a whole new experience for me. I’m looking forward to it, though! Since I don’t know that many people going to WSU, I can’t wait to meet more of my future classmates.
Medical Spanish
Spanish has been my language ever since I started learning it. I dual-enrolled this year in Spanish, and I have every intention of continuing to learn the language, because I really love it. The past year, I’ve been in literature and history-intensive Spanish courses, so I was really excited by the Medical Spanish course. Spanish is such a versatile language, and since I’m planning to go into the medical field, hopefully it’ll be a useful class later on!

That’s my course schedule (for now, at least!). Any questions/comments/suggestions for what I should major in? I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Jul 29 / Jennifer

Hello world!

Hi there! As I’m writing this, I have less than one month before I officially move into the dorms at WSU (Atchison 5th floor!), and I’m recovering from wisdom tooth surgery (just had all four out… yesterday) so I’ll do my best to keep this vaguely coherent.

My name is Jennifer, and I’m a University Scholar at WSU. At this point, I’m pre-med (so far), and I’m hoping to major in Spanish and either Anthropology/Biology/Chemistry. I’m not really sure what I want to do yet, but I’m hoping I figure it out by the time I graduate!

The month of August is a crazy one for me: in just over a week, I’m headed to Costa Rica with my grandmother. A few days after I get home, I’m going on the incoming freshmen camping trip down the Au Sable River (I’ve never been camping before… Fingers crossed I can handle the wilderness!), and then a few more days after I get back, I officially move in!

On the plus side, my online shopping addiction habit seems to have paid off. I have almost fully outfitted my dorm with roommate M.M., and I’m so excited to move in and put everything together!

I’ll write more soon when I’m more coherent 🙂

Jul 29 / Jennifer

Visit me over at Blogspot!

Hi there, I know it’s just after I created my first post, but I’m not in love with the WordPress templates. Come visit me over at where I’ll be updating more frequently (mainly because I like the layout better).

Hope to see you there!