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Project 2 Font: Bodoni std

Bodoni std

Gambattista Bodoni



Cover-Page Project_2_part1.2 Project_2_Part1.1 Project_2_Part1.1_3 Project_2_Part1.1_2 Project_2_Part1.1_4 Project_2_Part2.1 Project_2_Part2.2_img3 Project_2_Part2.2_img1 Project_2_Part2.2_img4 Project_2_Part2.2_img2 Project_2_Part3 Project_2_Part3_2

Posted by Jameel Bajjey on October 7, 2013
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  1. 12/4/2013

    I thought this was a very interesting take on our project. Very nice overall composition and attention to detail. My favorite was the last page because it reminds me of a nicely designed pad of paper or to-do list. I could see it being sold at a Hallmark store, or something of the sort! Very nice work!

  2. 11/20/2013

    Your work for this project if fantastic. Your word is protrayed perfectly for the final part of this assignment, it is clear to identifiy what the word is just based off of the design.

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