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Project 4: Constrained Systems

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19 Nov 2013

Project 3: Fictional Letterforms


Letter piece


Letter Piece


Letter Piece


Fictional Letter 1


Fictional Letter 2


Fictional letter 4, example


Fictional letter 5, example


Final Letterform “Lineas”

13 Nov 2013

Project 2 Font: Bodoni std

Bodoni std

Gambattista Bodoni



Cover-Page Project_2_part1.2 Project_2_Part1.1 Project_2_Part1.1_3 Project_2_Part1.1_2 Project_2_Part1.1_4 Project_2_Part2.1 Project_2_Part2.2_img3 Project_2_Part2.2_img1 Project_2_Part2.2_img4 Project_2_Part2.2_img2 Project_2_Part3 Project_2_Part3_2

7 Oct 2013

Type Crimes

Horizontal and vertical scaling

Scale contrast

Pseudo Italics

Pseudo small caps

Hatch Marks


16 Sep 2013

Em’s and En’s

The Hyphen (-) is the shortest of the three lines and should not be referred to as a dash. It’s purpose is to connect broken words at the end of a sentence or roots and affixes such as co-worker.

En dash (–) is the width of the letter n. The purpose of the en dash is to show length or represent the word “to”. An example can be (June 2nd–10th)

Em dash (—) is the width of the letter m. This dash is used to show a thought in a sentence. An example of this could be (If I was there—and thank god i’m not). All of these can be and are commonly confused in type and are actually pretty important.

For a published article by “The Week” magazine, go here:

14 Sep 2013

Project 1: Geometric Letterforms

! $ A B C D E f G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U v W X Y Z

10 Sep 2013


Typotheque is a design studio from the Netherlands, they develop and market typefaces for Mac and Windows platforms. They are the first commercial type foundry to licence its entire type library for use on the web. Typotheque specializes in creating  Latin and non-Latin fonts such as Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Armenian and Devanagari scripts. Lumin is a large type family that is for editorial use. These are some examples:

lumin_display_FP Lumin_FP lumin_sans_condensed_FP Lumin_Sans_FP


Along with font creation and font purchasing, they also have a clothing line.

‘A piece of text’ t-shirtKarel MartensDutch Sky t-shirtColour of the Day (7 t-shirts)

In addition to their clothing line, they have a good amount of studio work as well. It can be viewed on their studio work page here:


30 Aug 2013