January 2017 Security Patches

Two posts from IT Security in a single day? Say it isn’t so! Don’t worry, this one is relatively painless.

It’s time to deal with our not-so-favorite time of the month, Microsoft Patch Tuesday. Happily, Microsoft has released *only* four patches yesterday — and one of them is a patch for Adobe Flash Player.  Told you it was relatively painless!

MS17-001 – Security Update for Microsoft Edge
MS17-002 – Security Update for Microsoft Office
MS17-003 – Security Update for Adobe Flash Player
MS17-004 – Security Update for LSASS

More information regarding the January patches can be found here:

C&IT is testing and deploying these updates to our enterprise and supported desktop environments this week. It is strongly recommended that you update your computer with these important security fixes; Wayne State computers should be patched by departmental IT staff, while any personal computers will usually download and install them automatically:


Stay safe and stay patched!

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