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About Me

For starters, my name’s Shelby. And I figured I’d try to ‘define’ the things I’ll be talking about most often as a little guide to help you out.

If I ever talk about my major, well… it’s going to be biology. and for now, pre-med as well. But I’m not exactly sure how long that’ll stick. I’m a little, and by little I mean a lot, indecisive.

My best friend’s name is Rachel. She’s also my roommate, woot woot, and somehow we ended up with a triple room all to ourselves (soon to be changing!). Not exactly sure how that worked out, but I’m sure as heck not complaining.

Currently, I work as a scorekeeper for Wayne State athletics (during the summer I also work as a farmhand). So if I mention work, that’s probably it. I’ve also worked as a Warrior Orientation Leader and a tour guide for campus. They might come up, fingers crossed, as well.

I am on an indoor soccer team, called The Big Green (a play on a cheesy disney soccer movie). It’s coed, and has a collection of a couple people form Wayne, my older brother, some of his college and high school buddies and some coworkers. So if I ever mention games, that’s the team.

If I ever mention friendship friends… they’re my friends on campus, mainly people I met last year as a freshman that’ve just sorta stuck. As to why they’re called friendship friends… that’s a long story involving Rach and some other craziness. Maybe one day I’ll get into it.

Just some other general things… I’m a member of the Honors College here at Wayne, so I have a scholarship that I guard with my life. I’m secretly, well not so secretly anymore, obsessed with Star Wars. I went to Allen Park High school, and was a pole vaulter and high jumper on the track team there. My parents are divorced, so I have an huge family that’s absolutely crazy but I adore them all. I eat a lot, so this might also be a bit of a culinary tour of Detroit among other things. And last for now, I have a boyfriend, named Rob, that I met the same time as all of the friendship friends last year.

If I think of anything else general that I need to explain I’ll make sure and put it back on here!

A few new things!

I am currently in the process of joining Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority (AEPhi for short). To be honest, it was the last decision I ever thought I would make but I fell in love with all of it, so here I am. It’s been incredible.

I am going to be a resident advisor in Towers next year, so excited. Seriously CANNOT wait. ah!

I am a member of Wayne State University’s Streed Squad – it’s an awesome, diverse group of students that go to local events and spread the word about how seriously great WSU is. It’s been such an incredible opportunity thus far.

My new third roommate’s name is Chelsea. She’s so nice and Rach and I have so much fun with her. She’s an education major, a junior, and I look forward to finding her next year, because she’ll be living on campus again, too.  

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