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Apr 7 / Shelby Albers

March :)

This past month has been crazy! First off, gotta start with the banger – I GOT THE RA POSITION!! Which means next year I’ll be in Towers, and I cannot put into words how absolutely excited I am about the position. I’ve been super busy with all things AEPhi, including an awesome fundraiser called Kiss Cancer Goodbye I did with my pledge class for Sharsheret, an organization that helps women diagnosed with breast cancer. Check out our table  (Me, Jessica and Neelima)–>

We had our table set up in the student center and sold hershey’s kisses for donations, and get this – made 200 dollars in 2 hours! I also got to find out who my Big sister was at retreat, super pumped that I got my first choice. This girl is seriously like the cheese to my crazy macaroni life and I don’t know what I’d do without her or the rest of my sisters. <3 you Kathleen! 


I had an interview yesterday to be an orientation leader again this summer. So, fingers crossed on that because it was the best job ever last summer. Finals are coming up so it’s been crunch time in all of my classes- lots of tests, lots of homework- and I’ve been practically living in the undergraduate library because of all of it. Cannot believe that there’s less than a month until I’m moving back home- I’ve got so much to pack and I’m going to miss being so close to everyone and everything. But for now, I’m home for the weekend to celebrate Easter with all my family. Happy spring!

Mar 9 / Shelby Albers

finally. 9 days to breathe.

These past couple weeks have been exhausting and incredible. I have taken 7 midterms in the past week and a half: cell bio, chem, chem lab, physics, physics lab and spanish. I am sleep deprived and worn out because of it, but some amazing things have happened.

First, I got offered a bid from the girls at Alpha Epsilon Phi, which I accepted. I have had the best time getting to know them, and learning all about AEPhi. Never thought I would have joined a sorority, but I’m so excited about becoming an active member and finding out who my big is. I volunteered at gleaners with the girls and some guys from pike a week or so ago. 


I also got a position as part of the WSU Street Squad, which means this summer I get to work at metro-Detroit events promoting Wayne State and getting the word out about how incredible this place is. I’m super excited- and I have training today in a few hours. I also just submitted my application to work as a Warrior Orientation Leader again this summer. So, fingers crossed people! This is all of us WOL’s from last summer:

AND! on my way to Street Squad training I get to pick up my RA position offer letter from the housing office. I’m super nervous. But no matter what it is, I’ll just be glad to know. Of course, if I get the position I might just die of happiness on the spot =)

Last weekend, Nate, Tom, Rachel and I went ice skating at Campus Martius- the Dean of Student’s Office had a shuttle running from campus down there and it was a blast. It was Rach’s first time skating, and she only fell twice. One time thanks to Nate attempting to pull her around the rink. But anyways, it was super pretty and such a blast – here’s us after getting our skates (Tom, Nate, Rach, Me!)

And now, it’s  spring break. 9 days to not worry about class or tests or anything. And I get to go home and visit my parents. First stop, my mom’s (who’s been doing a ton better, thank gosh). And next weekend I get to go up north! But in between my mom’s and dad’s and up north, I get to relax in the dorm- which was closed over break last year, but not now. So that’s super nice. 

Ahhh. so excited to go pick up my letter about being an RA. here. we. go.

Feb 14 / Shelby Albers

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is going to be the shortest post ever. Just had to jump on here real quick to say that I got selected to move onto the interview portion for the RA selection process. I’m so excited =) I’m about to head to my only class today, cell bio, and then right after I have my appointment to give blood in the student center. After that, Rob’s taking me out to the movies and lunch and then tonight I’m meeting some sisters from Alpha Epsilon Phi because I’m thinking about pledging. ¡Feliz día de San Valentín!

Feb 1 / Shelby Albers

Hectic. like Whoa.

These past couple weeks have been CRAZY. I’ve been settling back into class and living on campus  and I have to admit I’ve been a little overwhelmed. It’s been a tough couple of weeks for my family to say the least. My great grandma passed away a week ago, and my mom has been having some pretty major health issues. I’ve been stressing out about all of it but campus, Rob and my friends here have managed to keep my head above water, which I am insanely thankful for.

Chelsea, Rach and I went to the Wings game sponsored by the dean of students office,which ended in a shootout that was real exciting. Last Thursday, Chelsea, Rachel, Rob and I went to the blackout event in Matthaei for the men’s basketball game vs Ashland. We got free ‘Dominating Detroit’ tees and the game was super fun. Also… Rach, Nate and I played a nice little prank on our friend down the hall.

Also, Rach rigged a glitter cup to spill out when the door opened (which worked pretty perfect). Anyways…I went to an information meeting yesterday night at Deroy about applying to be a resident advisor next year. The application is due in two days, so wish me luck! I’ve also had my first two tests of the semester. I got an A- on chem and a 108% on physics, which I’m pretty pumped about. (Oh, and just as a little side note, Rach and I’s new roommate Chelsea has turned out to be super sweet. Not that I had any huge doubts, but it’s been really fun getting to know her.) 

Rachel also had her birthday, so we went out to Mexican Town with her family. I got some delicious enchiladas from Galanes and afterwards we headed to La Gloria bakery, where I bought more desserts than two people could ever need (But we managed to get through them in a week). On the morning of her actual birthday, while she was in class, Chelsea and I made her a birthday banner and put a big ’20’ on her wardrobe made out of balloons. But the best part was probably Chelsea and I’s attempt at a cake made out of the most random food we could find around the dorm.I’m still trying to find the picture of it. But for now I’ll leave this picture of delicious La Gloria treats I bought =) 


Jan 10 / Shelby Albers

Winter =)


 I’m finally all moved back in at campus.. what a relief. Winter classes started yesterday and I’ve been crazy busy trying to get all my books and things together. But I am glad to be back. And Chelsea (the new third roommate) moved in, which has been fun! We’re trying to get the room all situated but she seems super nice so I can’t complain. Rach, Chelsea and I got tickets today from the dean of students office for the Red Wings game on Thursday, so that should be a nice break. (Which I’ll need because I have class from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm tomorrow. gross, right? but all my other days are fairly easy so I suppose it isn’t too bad!) The tickets were under thirty dollars and came with a meal voucher so I didn’t have to break the bank, which is a relief. I’ll take pictures and post them up here after the game.. but for now I’m going to finally post the pictures of the dorm all decorated for Christmas. Enjoy =)

our Christmas tree and stockings

nothing says the holidays like…. a dolphin with antlers?

wreath, nutcrackers, poinsettia, santa, snowflakes And some random holiday-wrapped treats

and last but not least, I’m pretty sure this speaks for itself =)

Dec 11 / Shelby Albers

Well here come finals

This week has been absolutely insane. Micro test on Monday, Micro lab practical Thursday and Chem test Friday. Not to mention my micro lab notebook was due Thursday and ended up being 84 pages long. I thought my hand was going to fall off. And because of all that, I spent most nights this week in the UGL. It was really busy on Tuesday, when I went for the longest so Rachel, Nic, EJ and I weren’t able to get a conference room but we found a table on the third floor so it worked out. Not to mention the comic relief of a couple who apparently thought the library was a good place to consummate their profound love for each other. We all had a good time commentating what was going on. My favorite line of the night was ‘I want you… anywhere‘, by Rach of course. Nothing graphic even happened it was just funny to all of us that the two didn’t just leave the library (obviously no studying was going on).We also ran into Jeff and Inder that night, which was a good break from six hours straight of studying.

Thursday Rach, EJ, Jeff and I went to a meeting at the rec center about a Quidditch club team being formed. It was super awkward, just like the first meeting Rach and I went too, but I guess some things got accomplished. We might end up playing, or just forming our own team with Inder. Either way, it should be fun (how could running around with a broom between your legs tackling people not be =P).

Yesterday, the football team defeated Winston-Salem (who were undefeated so way to go, boys) so now we’re headed to the D2 National Championships! There was a live screening of the game in the Student Center with food and prizes since the game was so far away that was packed. There’s also a student fan bus for the game next Saturday in Alabama that covers everything for $100, so I’m considering doing that because it sounds super fun. But I haven’t made my mind up yet. And on a much more trivial scale, Rob and I had soccer last night and we lost =( but it was still fun. There was this crazy chick on the other team that kept bull rushing our guys, so that was really amusing.

Also, I got in touch with Rach and I’s new roommate. Her name’s Chelsea and she’s moving in after break. She’s a junior transferring from a community college and she seems fun so we’re excited. We started moving a few things around to give her space when she moves in. Once we get all the Christmas stuff down, things’ll work out. But, finals are this week starting Wednesday so I’ve got to start preparing. This next week is going to be nothing but studying and review sessions… oh joy.

Dec 5 / Shelby Albers

a crazy post thanksgiving week

Well I guess I should have expected after a glorious five days off that something might go wrong (other than the emergency surgery my stepdad had sunday- but all went well there so overall it was a good break). Moving back in went great- Rach and I brought back so much Christmas… treasures including a 3 foot santa, disco ornaments, a poinsettia and an ancient wreath.  We wrapped our dressers with Christmas paper and needless to say we finished decorating the room. (Pictures soon I swear! )

I also got my philosophy test back- a perfect score of 110% woot woot. But anyways…

Tuesday we played some just dance with David and Nathan. We tried to watch a movie but our TV is so old that it doesn’t even have the right hookup (it also goes black and white when we change the channel too much, so that’s fun).  I fell asleep but David got locked out of his room so he stayed in the room until two in the morning (like a creep =P) with Rach.

Wednesday morning I woke up to a text from Rob that he’d rolled his truck on his way to work. He went to the hospital and after went home. All he ended up with was a scratch on his ankle but I was going stir crazy so I went over to Deroy with EJ (Rob’s roommate) to wait for him to get home. I made pepperoni balls and seven hours later Rob finally showed up, perfectly fine. (Here’s a picture of his truck.. scary, right?)

Thursday Rob, EJ, Jeff, Inder and I played super smash brothers brawl between classes. Jeff and Inder used the excuse of video games but I’m pretty convinced they just wanted to check up on Rob to make sure he was alright (awww, bromance).

Friday Rachel and I went to this crazy Wayne State employee holiday party we got invited to. It was at the Towers Cafe and there were a million desserts and these delicious little sliders and quiches and guys carving meat- yay for my stomach. Rach and I took a break from it and headed to Barnes and Noble so that I could buy a lab book for my micro class. But we went back (second dinner!) and there were intense African dancers and President Gilmour and Dean Herron gave speeches. As if eating twice there wasn’t enough, Nate (a different Nate than from tuesday), Tom, Rach and I ended up going to Jimmy Johns and getting subs. Nate is a bear and got the biggest sub on the menu and a pickle (Nate loves pickles). Rachel and I got to get our favorite cherry coke (not sure why but that Jimmy Johns has the best cherry coke everr). Rob and I had a soccer game that night- we had no subs and lost but it was super fun. And the week ended off with Noel Night – where all the businesses and museums in midtown open up for holiday funtivities. I look forward to it every year… even though last year the friendship friends ended up at this weird russian puppet show about a dough ball boy… but fun nonetheless =)

Oh! Rachel and I also found out that we’re getting a new roommate next semester. No more triple to ourselves after the semester break.. but we’re excited. But as of now we don’t know too much else.. so we’ll see how it goes.

Nov 23 / Shelby Albers

a little pre-thanksgiving feast

After all the laundry that’s been building up for a week and a half, it took me sitting on my duffel, wrestling it into submission on my dorm floor for 20 minutes just to get it shut. And let me tell you, it looked like a beached whale once I got everything in. I’m glad I don’t always have to do laundry at home (even if I do have to pay in the dorm) because I’m not quite sure that I could stand combat with my bag every week. But I suppose a pre-thanksgiving work out isn’t so bad.

Needless to say, I was a little relieved that Rach went home after the friendship friends dinner last night so that no one could see my laundry battle this morning. Rach, Nic, Rob and I decided that we wanted to

have a little pre-thanksgiving feast together because we wouldn’t be seeing each other over the long weekend. We ended up splitting an eight square ham and pepperoni pizza, greek salad and garlic bread at the Detroit Buddy’s pizza. It was delicious to say the least; and free! (I won a gift card from 96.3 WDVD at the beginning of the year).

The meal was a much needed break for all of us. It seems like everyone had at least one test either Tuesday or Wednesday; professors trying to squeeze them in before we got five days off. I had a philosophy test; which I am pretty sure I aced so not too many complaints there.

Rachel and I have also been decorating our room for Christmas (yes, already). Thus far, we have a fully decorated six foot tree; lights hung up anywhere we could put a hook, and we cut out more paper snowflakes than are imaginable. It looks a little bit like the holidays barfed all over in our room, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve been keeping the door open and playing holiday music for everyone, and setting cookies out. We LOVE the holidays. I’ll have to figure out how to post a picture of the room when it’s all done (keep on the lookout).

And now it’s about time to start strategizing for a little Black Friday shopping and preparing for some huge thanksgiving feasts. Happy turkey day!