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Sep 17 / Carrie Leach

Pre-Doctoral Training for Success

Our pre-doctoral trainees spend anywhere from one to seven years in our program mentored by our faculty focused on anthropology, economics, sociology, psychology, or nursing. The goal of our training program is to prepare students for professional careers in research, with an expertise in aging and health. We’re sad when they leave but proud to learn about their accomplishments! Here are our most recent updates:

pam may


Dr. Pam May completed her dissertation over the summer. She was kind enough to send us a photo from her new office at Nebraska Medicine in Omaha where she will complete a two-year Post-Doc in clinical neuropsychology.




Dr. Sheria Robinson completed her PhD over the summer as well! She’s off to the University of Michigan in the School of Medicine’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation where she’ll work on post-doctoral research.

We wish our trainees continued success in their research, careers, and all endeavors!

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