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Feb 11 / Peter Lichtenberg

Fifty Years of Gerontology and Counting

IOG 50 Years tOver the past fifty years the Institute of Gerontology has made exciting and groundbreaking discoveries through our research on aging. Our multi-disciplinary institute has examined aging through a variety of lenses with a focus on recognizing the valuable contributions of each. We’re not just scholars, we’re supporters of future scientists and their development. The IOG remains steadfast in providing a unique venue for students to advance their own research, platform to share that research, and opportunities to learn about other research.
While we have and will persist towards expanding knowledge on the social, emotional, physical, environmental, financial and occupational complexities affiliated with growing old, we also plan to continue to pave the way for getting pertinent information to those who need it most. In our fifty years, Detroit has been at the forefront of our mission, and that won’t change. Through outreach we’ll continue to create learning opportunities for those who provide care for older adults including social workers, nurses, administrators, occupational therapists, and educators via our continuing education events and conferences. We also create spaces for older adults to learn, whether at our educational forums or in our writing workshops where experience informs expression.
The IOG has come a long way since 1965 and our sights are set on continuing exploration of the dynamic conditions and challenges that aging presents. Within our halls conversations continue to spark uncommon collaborations and unique opportunities for innovation in research, training, advising, and education. We look forward to many more years of following our passion- improving the lives of older adults in Detroit and beyond.

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