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All About Me

All about me…. where do I start…….

Well my name is Illaysa but I prefer to be called Lacey.  I am entering my fourth year at Wayne State University double concentrating in industrial and graphic design.  I graduated high school from John Glenn (Westland) in 2009 and when I began school, I was focused more on architecture then moved on to just a drawing major, to photography, then onto my final decision of industrial design.  I believe in learning multiple skills which is where my interest in different subjects comes from.

A few things I think should be known about me is that I currently work at the Detroit Metro Airport as a cashier, and as exciting as that might sound its not something I plan on making a career.  As far as art I am extremely passionate about my work and what I do.  I take pride in my art and I work extremely hard for my “perfect” results.  I am no expert in anyway when it comes to art but for me its all about self expression and creating what makes you happy.

I personally don’t have a favorite typeface but if I had to choose I would say Monotype Corsiva, Vivaldi, Footlight MT Light, and Showcard Gothic.

Welp that’s a little piece………


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