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Aug 8 / Andrew Moser

Three tips for your first day of classes!

By Elyssa Mathy

Honors Senior Lecturer Kamara Ewing giving a presentation in Honors 2145

Here are three tips to help you get your semester started off on the right note:

  1. Walk out your schedule the day before so you know where all your classes are. Also if you only have 10-15 minutes in between classes its good to know how long that walk will actually take you so you know if you need walk fast to get to your next class or if you have sometime to talk to a friend.
  2. Actually go the first day of classes! Its very important to attend as many classes as possible, but its especially important to go the first day. Attendance is taken by the university the first two weeks and you must be marked as present in order to maintain your scholarships. Also the first day a lot of important information is given out, like the syllabus which will lay out your whole semester for you. Your professor may also give some advice for the class like how to get cheaper books or the best way to get in contact with them.
  3. Make at least one friend in the class and get their cell number or school email. This can be helpful for a couple reasons. One if you get sick or have to miss class for some reason you can get notes from them or any other helpful information you missed during the class. They can also be very helpful when you are working on assignments if you don’t understand something they can help you out with it. Finally, during exam time, you can have a study group with them!

These are just three small but very important tips for the first day of class. One to prep for your class, one thing to do during the class, and finally one that can help you outside of the classroom.