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Nov 21 / Andrew Moser

Thankful for Honors

By Sangini Tolia

Now that I’m a senior, I’ve often found myself reminiscing on the wonderful memories I’ve made over the last few years at Wayne State. Today I’d like to share a few reasons why I’m thankful for being an Honors student.

  1. I’ve met and made friends with a diverse group of hardworking, driven students. Great things come from great minds working together, and this exposure really has expanded my perspectives and worldview.
  2. College became very affordable for me with WSU Honors scholarships, plus I had access to private scholarships exclusively for Honors. Most students receive some form of scholarship, and it’s made a huge difference in allowing me to achieve my goals.
  3. The small Honors community, especially in the residence halls, made it really easy to meet friends and offered me a great support system. Everyone, from my classmates to the Honors staff, was always very welcoming and helpful.
  4. I feel that I’ve become an exceptionally well-rounded student through the Honors college’s 4 pillars curriculum and emphasis on service. I gained leadership experience as a member of the Honors Student Association’s board for 3 years, as well as volunteer experience through Woodbridge Community Youth Center.
  5. Honors helped me develop a bond with the city of Detroit. For me, just walking around the streets of Detroit is a special experience because I’m surrounded by history and culture. The city has so many hidden gems, and Honors Passports and other events connected me to everything the city has to offer.

Happy Thanksgiving, Warriors!