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Aug 4 / Andrew Moser

So, you need to study?

By Nushrat Rahman

Everyone has different study habits. And, along with that, they may have varying opinions on what makes a good study area. Some people need absolute silence, while others can’t work without at least a few sounds buzzing and whirring around them. I’m a believer in the idea that your environment has a large impact on, not only your mood, but also focus-oriented tasks like studying for a midterm or writing a final paper. Here are five locations on (or near) campus that I’ve compiled which, in my opinion and experience, give you varying experiences for studying!

  • Purdy/Kresge Library

If you want pin drop silence then Purdy/Kresge is the library for you. I find myself sitting near the large windows, at the circular tables in the back, when I have readings that require high level concentration or when I’m tackling a really tough paper that I’ve been struggling with. The combination of natural lighting and plentiful seating makes Purdy/Kresge a traditionally good study zone. It’s quiet and there are lots of tables to choose from! You can choose which floor to study on as well. The first floor has larger tables while the upper floors have individual cubicles. And of course, housed in this library, is Wayne State’s array of books, both regular and special collection.

  • UGL (Honors College)

The Undergraduate Library (UGL) has a reputation for not being a good study spot, but if you find the right place, it could just be the best place to study for you. If you need your own space or somewhere to do a group project, the new room booking system allows you to reserve a room. But tucked in the second floor of the UGL is the Honors College and in it, there is space reserved for Honors students to study and get work done! Because people are milling in and out of the office, this area is good for those who can’t work in pin drop silence. Cubicles and computers are just some of the resources you get!

  • Outside

If you’re the type of person that thrives off of fresh air, sunlight, and grass beneath your feet then stepping outside of the buildings we so often coop ourselves into may be the best option. On a nice day, sitting on the grass near Gullen Mall is good for a brain that needs a break. It’s important to keep in mind that outside studying means distraction and unpredictable weather. I find doing light reading and studying is the best for outdoors.

  • Student Center

This is an unconventional choice. The Student Center is more of a social space, but surprisingly, it can be a good study area for people who need a bit of noise to get work done. Some people can’t focus in too quiet of an area, so a seat on the second or even third floor of the Student Center might be the ideal place. Also, another plus is easy and quick access to study break snacks!

  • Kresge Court

Kresge Court is located in the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA)–just a short walk from WSU. In one word, it is stunning. Visually, the Kresge Court is breathtaking with cascading sunlight and quirky seating. Walking into the museum and asking to go to the Kresge Court is all that’s required to access this area. Although backpacks aren’t allowed in the museum itself, a tag permits you to take your belongings into the Court itself. Kresge Court is the place for people who need ambiance and colors to liven their mood up for hours of rigorous brain use. Surrounded by some of the finest artwork is the best way to study, in my opinion.